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As the inventor of spin-column-based protein extraction and cell fractionation technologies, Invent Biotechnologies offers disruptive solutions for scientists around the world that simplify, accelerate and improve their scientific endeavors. Our proprietary processes and formulations are revolutionary and has fundamentally changed how protein samples are prepared. With years of research and development, we have discovered the fastest, easiest and most reliable ways for protein extraction and cell fractionation. For the first time ever, the tasks that used to be tedious, lengthy and unpredictable can now be performed by just a couple of quick spins using a tabletop centrifuge, delivering unsurpassed speed, convenience, consistency and accuracy by eliminating uncontrollable variables associated with traditional solution-based procedures. Being the pioneer and front runner of the spin-column-based technologies for protein research, we continually look for – and create – better solutions that make biomedical research faster, easier and more reliable.

We have a mission to perfect protein research with simpler and smarter approaches.

The Minute™ Benefits:
• Super-fast (as quick as 1 minute)
• Small sample size
• Complete profile
• Unaltered endogenous baseline
• All living organism and tissue types
The Minute™ Applications:
• Protein trafficking/translocation
• Protein-protein interaction
• Protein modification
• Signal transduction
• Daily protein analysis

Minute™ Protein Extraction is the world’s fastest and most reliable method for protein sample preparation:

  Minute™ Traditional Methods
Solution-based No Yes
Process time As quick as 1 minute 30 minutes – 1 hour
Complete protein profile Preserved Altered
Spin column format Yes No
Suitability for comparative study Yes No
Protein loss Minimal and proportionally Non-proportionally


Minute™ Cell Fractionation Kits utilize spin-column-based technology to eliminate unwanted variables associated with traditional homogenizer and density gradient centrifugation/ultracentrifugation:

  Minute™ Traditional Methods
Homogenizer No Yes
Ultracentrifugation No Yes
Process time Minutes – 2 hours Hours to days
Sample size Small Large
Spin column filter Yes No
Consistency Excellent Poor
Cross contamination Low High