Choose your ideal PCR Polymerase

Jena Bioscience offers a range of high performance DNA polymerases. We’ve got something for you whether you’re running routine PCR, screening reactions, high throughput assays or reactions that require higher accuracy. Click on the links below to see more about the individual polymerases:

Enzyme Efficiency /Yield Specificity Fidelity /Error rate Application
Taq Polymerase
Taq Pol (PCR-211)
++ ++ 10-5 Standard PCR / optimized for minimal by-product formation
Routine and plate based PCR, automated pipetting
Hot Start Taq Polymerase
Hot Start Pol Apta+ (PCR-212)
++ +++ 10-5 High specificity PCR / high sensitivity PCR
High throughput PCR
Hot Start Pol Ab+ (PCR-213) ++ ++++ 10-5 High specificity PCR / high sensitivity PCR
Diagnostic PCR
High Fidelity Polymerase
Taq HiFi Pol (PCR-204)
+++ ++ 2 x 10-6 High fidelity PCR / long range PCR (> 30 kb)
Amplification of GC-rich / difficult templates
Pfu-X Pol (PCR-207) +++ +++ 2 x 10-7 High speed amplification with highest fidelity
Amplification of difficult and long templates
Ultra DNA Pol (PCR-391) +++ +++ n/a Robust and fast PCR amplification of templates from difficult matrices

Taq Polymerase is an affordable, versatile and robust polymerase for routine PCR applications (up to 4 kb fragment length). The enzyme works for most PCR reactions and primer-template combinations and the very robust enzyme-buffer system guarantees robust and reliable amplification.

Hot Start Polymerases are ideal for detection of low copy number templates. The polymerase activity is blocked at ambient temperature and switched on automatically at the onset of the initial denaturation, provide improved specificity and sensitivity.

Our HiFi Polymerases have 50x higher fidelity than Taq Polymerase and are specially designed for highly accurate and efficient amplification. They show excellent results with extremely long (up to 30 kb), GC-rich or other difficult templates.


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