New Suppliers

Introducing our latest suppliers.

We are proud to be able to supply our customers with easy access to life science reagents from suppliers all over the world.

PhytoAB specializes in plant antibody production for plant sciences usage and customized services, focuses on the existing need for plant antibodies to assist the further investigation of the current booming results from deep genome sequencing and increasing proteomics studies.

PhytoAB’s unique expertise in plant antibodies aims to support the transfer of current findings from bench to field.

AdvancedSeq LLC specializes in making high quality, reliable Sanger sequencing and PCR reagents and related products for Life Science research at competitive prices. Founded by scientists and product managers with extensive knowledge and experience in the life science industry, the company products are trusted and used by many companies and academic labs worldwide.

Anacyte is the inventor of CellCover, the only reagent that allows parallel storage of proteins, RNA, and DNA in their cellular context. CellCover maintains cellular shape integrity without chemical crosslinking permitting all downstream applications, including single cell RNA sequencing, NGS or protein sequencing. In collaboration with partners and customers, Anacyte Laboratories concentrates on development of integrative multi-analytic tools.

For a more sustainable future and higher quality of results ABCALIS® envisions a world of next generation diagnostic antibodies that share a revolutionary level of quality and are completely animal-free

All ABCALIS® Antibodies are made in vitro by animal-free recombinant methods (phage display) with a completely defined composition and encoding DNA sequence. This assures always identical results, unlimited long-term availability, and therefore true reproducibility.