New Suppliers

Introducing our latest suppliers.

We are proud to be able to supply our customers with easy access to life science reagents from suppliers all over the world.

EcoTech’s aim is to produce novel products, to add up novel and enhanced properties to the currently available molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology applications and to contribute advancing the state of the art to enable our customers to achieve their goals.

StemExpress is the leading Biospecimen Provider of human bone marrow, cord blood, peripheral blood, Leukopaks, Mobilized Leukopaks, maternal blood, disease state products, and primary cells. We provide expediency from order to delivery and guarantee every sample arrives with the highest purity, viability, and quality researchers need to ensure confidence in their results.

Based in the UK, Apto-Gen was established in 2019 by two specialists in the molecular biology field with over 40 years’ collective technical and commercial experience. Our expertise has generated extensive collaborations with several of the largest global diagnostics and biotechnology companies, at the cutting edge of their research and development.

Absolute Antibody was founded in 2012 with a vision to make engineered recombinant antibodies accessible to all, and we remain the only company 100% focused on recombinant antibody technology.

Specialists in anti-peptide and antigen affinity purified goat polyclonal antibodies since 2000. Everest Biotech’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement has been recognised with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

Exalpha only settles for products that answer the pertinent questions. Exalpha continually monitors scientific trends and recent literature, we strive to produce products that answer real needs. Exalpha has a long history of developing uniquely superior products that simply perform well, allowing researchers to focus on the task at hand and not on the quality of a supplier’s products.

Jotbody (HK) Limited is a biotechnology company on the cutting edge of single-domain antibody discovery, production and application. Jotbody is dedicated to offering single-domain antibody discovery CRO services and single domain antibody based research reagents of outstanding quality to the global scientific community.

For novel drug development.

Design and manufacturing of high-quality and bioactive recombinant proteins.

We are a quality-focused biotechnology company dedicated to enhancing the latest therapeutic technologies, including cell therapies, gene editing, immunotechnology, and vaccines.

Innovative drug discovery requires innovative reagents.
Our customers develop novel therapies and so they need customized or first-to-market proteins and enzymes.

We carefully select our catalog products based on unmet needs in the market.

Our focus is customization and tailored solutions so that your innovation potential is limitless.

Nordic-MUbio develops and manufactures high quality antibody reagents for use in R&D. All our products are manufactured according to strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines, and our focus is on developing antibodies targetting Cell Adhesion, Nuclear and Cytoskeletal Proteins.

Nordic-MUbio is one of the leading antibody companies developing antibodies for zebrafish research – we currently have over 50 antibodies validated for immunofluorescence in zebrafish.
In proprietary and partnered development programs Nordic-MUbio is investigating, testing and validating patented antibodies and antigens for diagnostic applications in the field of lung and other cancers.

For the future of regenerative medicine and cell therapy. We contribute to expanding regenerative medicine and cell therapy by solving difficult challenges facing the industry through our innovative products by maximizing the unique characteristics of peptides.

Obatala Sciences™ is a New Orleans biotech company that offers research enabling products and brain power to scientists in industry and academia with the goal of advancing tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Obatala Sciences™ is a New Orleans biotech company that offers research enabling products and brain power to scientists in industry and academia with the goal of advancing tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Universal Sequencing Technology Corporation is a US-based innovative DNA sequencing firm. UST TELL-Seq enables short-read 2nd generation sequencing platforms to produce super long-read results (average 20kb, up to 200kb or longer). It is accurate and cost-effective. The process is simple and fast.

Ludger is an industry leader specialising in glycomics and glycoanalytical technology to support biopharmaceutical realisation and translational medicine.

Our technology originated at the University of Oxford, UK and is used in the quality control of FDA- and EMA-approved biopharmaceuticals worldwide. We provide Glycan analytical services, kits, and reagents for detailed characterisation of glyco-conjugates. We also provide support for validation studies and we provide consultation services for biopharma and regulators and Ludger’s technology can be used to support IND submissions.a

Transomic Technologies launched in 2012 with the goal of supplying life science researchers with next generation gene modulation tools derived from the latest advancements in biotechnology. We are experts in molecular cloning and our portfolio of products and services focus on vector-based solutions.

In collaboration with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, we have developed whole genome arrayed libraries of CRISPR gRNA constructs and shRNA constructs. We also have multiple whole genome gene expression libraries and yeast deletions libraries. All resources are immediately available to our clients.

We understand that not every off-the-shelf product fits every research project, so Transomic offers a very tailored custom service option to help move our client’s research forward. We work directly with our clients at the earliest stages of planning their experiments and continue to work with them until their custom tools are delivered. We like to consider ourselves an extension of our client’s lab where we can offer our expertise and proven laboratory platforms to help accomplish their goals. We succeed when our clients succeed. All work is performed in the USA at our facility in Huntsville, AL or at our qualified service providers’ facilities in