New Suppliers

Introducing our latest suppliers.

We are proud to be able to supply our customers with easy access to life science reagents from suppliers all over the world.

Based in the UK, Apto-Gen was established in 2019 by two specialists in the molecular biology field with over 40 years’ collective technical and commercial experience. Our expertise has generated extensive collaborations with several of the largest global diagnostics and biotechnology companies, at the cutting edge of their research and development.

esearchers: We manufacture highly pure, highly active human proteins for studies of inflammation, autoimmune disease, cancer, coronary disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and more.

Pharmaceutical Scientists: We are a sought-after partner, expert in the purification of human proteins from plasma, erythrocytes, neutrophils, and other tissues. We are also accomplished in the purification of proteins from other species and in the preparation of biotherapeutics for proof-of-concept studies in animal models.

Diagnostic Manufacurers: We provide protein components for diagnostic kits, screenings, and cell culture media.

Calibrator & Control Manufacturers: A source for bulk quantities of proteins you need for your standards.

Ebba Biotech AB was founded in 2016 by professor Agneta Richter-Dahlfors to enable commercial applications and more widespread use of fluorescent tracer (optotracers) molecules, the result of many years of cutting-edge nanoscience and organic chemistry research.

NZYTech produces premium-grade enzymes, mixes, and kits specifically designed for molecular research and diagnostics. Our unwavering commitment and dedication to advancing the scientific field drive us to consistently deliver high-quality products that meet the rigorous standards of researchers and clinicians worldwide.