Universal IFN- alpha Antibody and ELISA

Human IFN-alpha detection or neutralization of all subtypes

Anti-Human Interferon Alpha (All Subtype) Neutralizing Rabbit PAb

Product Features:

  • Rabbit polyclonal antibody that neutralizes all Human IFN Alpha subtypes (IFN-alpha 2a, IFN-alpha 2b, IFN-alpha 8, IFN-alpha 10, IFN-alpha 1, IFN-alpha 21, IFN-alpha 5, IFN-alpha 14, IFN-alpha 17, IFN-alpha 7, IFN-alpha 6, IFN-alpha D, IFN-alpha M1, IFN-alpha 4, IFN-alpha 16)
  • Human Interferon Alpha Nomenclature
  • Effectively binds to and neutralizes biological activity of all human IFN alpha subtypes
  • Designed to reduce time-consuming guesswork

VeriKine-HS Human IFN-α All-Subtype TCM ELISA kit

Product Features:

  • Most sensitive ELISA on the market for global IFN alpha detection in tissue culture media (TCM)
  • Low pg/ml detection of ALL human IFN-α subtypes
  • Reproducible results with < 10% inter- and < 8% intra-assay CVs
  • Specifically formulated to detect ALL 12 human IFN-α subtypes in tissue culture media (TCM)
  • Measures early IFN-α expression with high sensitivity (1.95 pg/ml for IFN-α2a)


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