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A Structured Environment for Cell Performance

StemoniX® microHeart® platform provides a structured environment for human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived cardiac cells to passively align into a physiologically relevant structure to closely represent human heart tissue. Cardiac cells on a structured microHeart plate resemble heart tissue alignment while standard flat cultureware results in a random arrangement. microHeart Cell Ready and Assay Ready products provide an ideal model for cardiotoxicity and cardiac safety studies, high throughput screening and drug discovery.

Cardiomyocytes plated on microHeart align and organize with the corresponding plate substrate topography compared to lack of cell organization in standard flat cultureware. microHeart’s structured substrate enables accelerated features of cell maturity when compared to standard cultureware with a flat substrate. The enhanced cell maturity results in functionality and responses which can improve assay outcomes and reduce assay cost.  The effectiveness of the structured substrate is evident by:

  • Increased expression of key cardiac physiology genes
  • Enhanced organization of sarcomeres
  • Distal intercalated discs aligned perpendicularly to fibers
  • Coherent directionality of contraction
  • Improved calcium handling



StemoniX microHeart Promotes Physiological Contractile Behavior

microHeart cardiomyocytes contract mostly along one single direction, more closely resembling the physiological contractile behavior of human heart tissue. Arrows highlight the direction of contraction measured by motion tracking analysis. Contraction vector maps confirm unidirectionality of contraction in microHeart compared to randomly directed contraction in standard flat cultureware.

Standard Flat Cultureware

StemoniX microHeart

Optical flow analysis script obtained from Huebsch et. al. , Tissue Eng Part C Methods (2015) Contraction vector maps obtained with Sony Biotech SI8000 Motion Vector Software

microHeart Accelerates Features of Cardiomyocyte Maturity

Cardiomyocyte cells plated on microHeart displayed readily identifiable and aligned sarcomeres compared to an immature pattern in standard flat cultureware.


Standard Flat Cultureware

DNAcTNTSarcomeric αActin

StemoniX microHeart

DNAcTNTSarcomeric αActin

Representative immunostaining of the cardiac cell junction marker plakoglobin (PG) in cardiomyocytes plated on standard cultureware or microHeart. Arrows highlight distal intercalated discs. On microHeart, PG is more frequently restricted to distal intercalated discs, as opposed to being distributed throughout the cell perimeter as in standard cell cultureware.

Standard Flat Cultureware

DNA – Plakaglobin

StemoniX microHeart

DNA – Plakaglobin

High throughput calcium flux analysis indicates faster and more efficient calcium handling of human cardiomycoytes in microHeart.

Significance in unpaired t-test, **** p<0.0001 Measurements made with a Molecular Devices FLIPR Tetra® High-Throughput Cellular Screening System


Cardiomyocytes plated on microHeart express increased levels of key cardiac physiology genes compared to standard flat cultureware.


StemoniX microHeart Products & Advantages

microHeart Assay Ready plate products are pre-plated with StemoniX human iPSC derived cardiac cells providing structured cell organization and accelerated features of maturity, delivered in ambient conditions and ready for assay use to simplify your workflow.

microHeart Cell Ready plate products are ready for plating with your cells allowing for structured cell organization and accelerated features of maturity.

Applications of microHeart

Safety Pharmacology & Investigative Toxicology

  • hERG Channel Liabilities (Long QT)
  • Ca2+ Flux
  • Membrane Potential (voltage/depolarization)
  • Cell Viability and Toxicity

Drug Discovery & Screening

  • GPCR and Ion Channel Biology
  • Signaling Biosensors

Disease Modeling

  • Acquired Long QT syndrome
  • Cardiac Hypertrophy
  • Genetic Cardiomyopathies
  • Infection Induced Cardiomyopathies

Platform Compatibility

  • High Throughput Plate Readers (e.g. FLIPR®)
  • High Content Imaging
  • Multi-Mode Plate Readers
  • Optical Flow

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microHeart Assay Ready 96-well Plate MHARX-AA-0096
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microHeart Cell Ready 96-well Plate MHCRX-AA-0096
microHeart Cell Ready 384-well Plate MHCRX-AA-0384
microHeart Cell Ready 1536-well Plate Call for Information


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