Neural Progenitor Cells

StemoniX Neural Progenitor Cells used in microBrain

StemoniX human iPSC-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells (NPCs) are a homogeneous, self-renewing and multipotent population derived from human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs). Under controlled conditions, the NPCs possess the ability to consistently generate high yields of functional Neurons (Cortical) and Glial Cells (Astrocytes). The cortical neurons produced are primarily excitatory (glutamatergic) neurons balanced with inhibitory (GABAergic) neurons. The NPCs can also be use in undifferentiated applications or other differentiated applications depending upon the protocol and provide researchers a unique model to study neural development, neurotoxicity, differentiation, electrophysiology, and disease modeling.
StemoniX NPCs were featured in a 2017 Society of Toxicology poster* that suggested greater toxicity susceptibility to neural cultures at early stages of development and decreased toxicity as the neuronal cells matured in-vitro – an unprecedented finding. The cell technology that served as the foundation for StemoniX NPCs was presented in Mol Psychiatry (February 2016)* and Cell (November 2010)* where it was noted that the model recapitulated early stages of a human neurodevelopmental disease and represented a promising cellular tool for drug screening.

StemoniX NPC Product Information

Product Name & Catalog Number Neural Progenitor Cells – Adult Male – CNCPX-0002-001
Cell Source Induced pluripotent stem cells derived from adult human dermal fibroblasts.
Storage Liquid Nitrogen
Cell Quantity per Vial ≥ 1 x 106 viable cells
Quality Control Cell viability, passage number, bioassay, karyotype, immuno-staining, sterility


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