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Product Name Cat#
Anti-2019-nCoV Spike Protein Neutralizing Nanobody (NBX20038) C19S1-652L
Anti-2019-nCoV Spike Protein Neutralizing Nanobody (NBX20025) C19S1-653L
2019-nCoV PLpro, Active C19PL-G241H
2019-nCoV 3CLpro, Active C19CL-G241H
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (E484Q) C19SD-G231CH
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (K417N) C19SD-G236H
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (K417N, E484K, N501Y) C19SD-G232H
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (K417T) C19SD-G239H
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (K417T, E484K and N501Y) C19SD-G231AH
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (L452R) C19SD-G235H
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (N440K) C19SD-G231EH
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (N501Y) C19SD-G231H
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (S477G) C19SD-G231BH
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (S477N) C19SD-G238H
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD (Y453F) C19SD-G234H
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD, Fc Tag C19SD-G241F
2019-nCoV Spike protein RBD, HIS Tag C19SD-G241H
2019-nCoV Spike RBD-N Protein Chimera C19NSD-G242H
Cas12 (LbCpf1), Active GST Tag C12CR-E241G
Cas12 (LbCpf1), Active His Tag C12CR-E241H
Cas13a (LwC2c2), Active CS13A-E321H
MERS Spike Protein RBD MERSD-G241F
METTL16, Active M336-380G
METTL3/METTL14, Active M323-380G
Product Name Cat#
AURORA A, Active A28-10G
AURORA A, Active A28-18G
AURORA B, Active A31-10G
EGFR, Active E10-112H
HPK1, Active M23-11G
LATS2, Active L02-11G
TAOK1, Active T24-11G
TAOK2, Active T25-11G
TAOK3, Active T26-11G
PLK1, Active P41-10H
Product Name Cat#
STK19, Active S35-10G
TBK1, Active T02-10G
TTBK1, Active T17-11G
TTK, Active T20-10G
SLK, Active S11-10G
RIPK1, Active R07-10G
DGKI, Active D27-10G
DGKG, Active D25-10G
DGKK, Active D28-10H
DGKH, Active D26-10H
Product Name Cat#
KRAS (G12D) Protein R06-32BH
TAOK3, Active T26-11G
Product Name Cat#
Kinase Assay Buffer I K01-09
Kinase Assay Buffer III K03-09
DTT Solution (1M) D86-09


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