• Reagency Pty Ltd
    Reagency gives you rapid, anonymous access to custom synthesis. You decide what they make, and share the cost with other scientists who want the same compounds and antibodies.
     Reagency Pty Ltd
  • All Our Products Guaranteed
    All Our Products Guaranteed
  • Biomatrica
    Innovative Alternative to Reliance on Cold Chain Logistics
  • Labelling Tumour Cells
    More than 70% of all Gliomas exhibit the IDH1 R132H point mutation. Anti-IDH1 R132H antibody (clone H09) is ideal for its detection.
    Labelling Tumour Cells
  • Jackson ImmunoResearch
    NEW Technical Catalogue Now Available!
    Jackson ImmunoResearch

Featured Supplier: Selleck Chemicals

Selleck Chemicals is one of the world leading suppliers of high-performance life-science reagents and reference compounds for the non-clinical research fields. We are fully dedicated and focused on the complex research biochemicals and are aiming to provide the most innovative range of research reagents at the most competitive price. Samples include Aurora Kinase Inhibitors, Bcl-2 Protein...

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