• Labelling Tumour Cells
    More than 70% of all Gliomas exhibit the IDH1 R132H point mutation. Anti-IDH1 R132H antibody (clone H09) is ideal for its detection.
    Labelling Tumour Cells
  • See the signals that matter
    NEW – Cal-520™, Cal-590™, Cal-630™ Green, Orange & Red calcium dyes. Get Going - Half Price to End of Year
    See the signals that matter
  • Jackson ImmunoResearch
    NEW Technical Catalogue Now Available!
    Jackson ImmunoResearch
  • Sino Biological
    Biological Solution Specialist - ELISAs, Antibodies, Proteins & Gene Products
    Sino Biological

Featured Supplier: Alpco Diagnostics

ALPCO Diagnostics are a supplier of immunoassay kits for the medical research community. Their kits are developed by scientists committed to supporting scientists, a commitment reflected in the flexible panel of immunoassay options for metabolic disease research.

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