Bimake is a biotech company that provide best-in-class supplies and reagents that are commonly used in experimental laboratories for medical and biological research.

Research expenses, especially on common supplies and reagents have been skyrocketing over the years. Many research Institutions and groups are facing rough financial challenges. They understand that cost saving has become top priority in many of researchers’ minds. offers products at a much lower price compared with other competitors, with an average savings of 40-70%. We believe that your work should not be slowed down or stopped by lack of research reagents.

They also understand that cost savings should not comprise research excellence, and we make sure that our products are offered in the highest quality! They have a tireless QC team of research experts that vigorously test these products. All products validated by independent academic research groups prior to market launch.


  • Inhibitor Cocktails
    • Protease Inhibitor Cocktail
    • Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail
  • Direct PCR Kit
    • Mouse Direct PCR Kit
    • Blood Direct PCR Kit
  • Tag Immune Affinity Gel for IP
    • Anti-DYKDDDDK(Flag) Affinity Gel
    • Anti-HA Affinity gel
    • Anti-Myc Affinity gel
    • Anti-V5 Affinity gel
    • Poly FLAG Peptide lyophilized powder
  • Functional Magnetic Beads
    • Protein A/G Magnetic Beads for IP
    • GSH Magnetic Beads for Protein Purification
    • Nickel Magnetic Beads For Protein Purification
    • Magnetic Separator
  • Long-lasting Antibiotics-premixed LB Liquid Media
  • Plasmid Maxiprep Kit
  • 2x SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix
  • 2x Probe qPCR Master Mix
  • 2x PCR Super Master Mix
  • Stem Cell Culture Supplements
    • YL369-N2 Supplement-AF
    • ZQY30-B27 Supplement-AF
  • Annexin V-FITC Kit
  • Peptide Synthesis Services
  • Fusion DNA Polymerase
  • Syringe Filter Units
  • Single-channel Electronic Pipette