GeneTex’s New S100 beta Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody

S100 beta (S100B) is a small, acidic homodimeric calcium-binding protein in the S100 protein family, which consists of more than 20 members. Though expressed in various glial, neuronal, and extra-neural cell types (including melanocytes), S100B is enriched in astrocytes and elevated levels in biological fluids are associated with a spectrum of neurological pathological processes that all seem to have a neuroinflammatory component (1). Though less studied, S100B is also linked to other non-neurological disorders, including obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and melanoma (1, 2). Thus, S100B is a non-specific, yet widely accepted, biomarker and pathogenic factor whose exact function remains enigmatic.

GeneTex is proud to introduce the new recombinant rabbit monoclonal S100 beta antibody [HL2228] (GTX638273) to detect S100 beta in different applications and species.

Detection of S100 beta in glial cells in paraffin-embedded rat hippocampus tissue.

Detection of S100 beta in glial cells in paraffin-embedded mouse cerebellum tissue.

Detection of S100 beta in A375 (malignant melanoma) cell lysate.


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