Alpco Diagnostics

Alpco diagnostics are a supplier of immunoassay kits for the medical research community.
Their kits are developed by scientists committed to supporting those who work in physiology and disease research.

ALPCO provide a broad portfolio of life science research tools for academic, pre-clinical and clinical use, including primary antibodies, flow cytometry reagents, recombinant proteins, and products for HPLC and LC-MS/MS, but are best known for providing, as they put it: “Immunoassays Beyond the Ordinary.”

ALPCO have a reputation for quality among their customers because they focus on providing immunoassays which are highly sensitive, specific and reproducible with a broad dynamic range that allows for fewer dilution steps and therefore reduced systematic error.

They have recently developed the new STELLUX™ range of chemiluminescent immunosorbent assays. These combine exquisite sensitivity, ease of use, and outstanding reliability which comes from extensive testing and characterisation.

Product Categories


HPLC and LC/MS-MS reagents

Purified antibodies

Recombinant proteins

Flow cytometry reagents

Chemiluminescent assays


Biomarkers for Diabetes & Obesity

Energy homeostasis is a well-regulated process that depends on the coordination between feeding behavior and energy expenditure. The control of energy homeostasis in humans has received much attention in recent years due to alterations caused by the onset of conditions such as obesity and diabetes. ALPCO offers numerous assay kits to assist both academic and industry researchers with quantification of analytes associated with energy homeostasis.

Proinsulin (Total) Chemiluminescence ELISA

The Proinsulin Total Chemiluminescence ELISA offers superior sensitivity compared to other kits in the market. The assay measures intact as Read More…

Cycle of Bone Growth & Resorption

Bone metabolism is a continual, cyclic interplay of bone growth and resorption that is carefully orchestrated by the dynamic relationship Read More…

STELLUX™ Chemiluminescence ELISA for Broad Range and Sensitive Detection of Human Insulin

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Multimeric Adiponectin ELISA – Benefits

The Multimeric Adiponectin ELISA kit from ALPCO is the only commercially available method available for measuring all the circulating oligomeric Read More…

STELLUX Chemiluminescence ELISAs

Insulin Chemiluminescence ELISA The Human Insulin Chemiluminescene ELISA measures the concentration of insulin protein products and offers superior performance compared Read More…

Adiponectin Kits

HMW & Total Adiponectin ELISA   The HMW & Total Adiponectin ELISA is a novel ELISA for selective measurement of Read More…

Free Webinar

Islet Beta Cell Dysfunction in Type 1 Diabetes Webinar from ALPCO Diagnostics

This webinar is presented by Prof. Raghu Mirmira, MD PhD of Indiana University and discusses beta cell dysfunction as it Read More…