Cytodiagnostics is a biotechnology company based in Burlington, ON, Canada, and Tulsa, OK, USA. Our focus is on providing and developing nanotechnology derived products and services for the International Life Science and Material Science markets and has been doing so for 15+ years.

In addition to our two locations, Cytodiagnostics also has an associate company, CytoGroup, which specializes in lateral flow and vertical flow assays, and ELISA. Both products and development services are available.

Our Life Science portfolio contains products and services specifically tailored for both in vitro and in vivo research and assay development and include product lines such as:
Noble Metal Nanoparticles, Fluorescent Nanoparticles, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Assays, Custom Products and Research.



Nanoparticle Products

Nanoparticles have many applications in biology and medicine due to their unique optical and physical properties. These versatile reagents can be used for biosensor development, as cellular probes, as drug delivery vehicles, or as optical contrast agents among others.

Cytodiagnostics spherical and non-spherical nanoparticle products are made with proprietary protocols resulting in particles with uniform shapes and narrow size distributions.

By precisely engineering the nanoparticle surface, we also offer secondary antibody conjugates and particles with functional groups such as NHS, biotin, carboxyl, amine and methyl allowing them to be directly used in many applications.

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Nanoparticle Purification and Sample Preparation

Magnetic Nanoparticles

Lateral Flow Assay Products

The lateral flow immunoassay test, also known as immunochromatography assay, or strip test is an extremely versatile and fast method for visual detection of antigen in a sample. Lateral flow immunoassays are essentially immunoassays adapted to operate along a single axis to suit the test strip format but can also be operated in a vertical flow format.

The probes used in lateral flow and other similar assays such as vertical flow are commonly based on gold nanoparticle antibody conjugates. Due to the optical properties of noble metal nanoparticles such as gold, detection with the naked eye can be achieved with excellent sensitivity. The assay can also be adapted to run both in non-competitive and competitive mode.

For more information on rapid flow tests please read our vertical flow immunoassay or lateral flow immunoassays technical note or browse our products below.

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Assay Kits

ELISA Kits & Reagents

Immunoblotting Products

Antibody Detection Dipsticks and ELISA Kits

Vertical Flow Products


Cytodiagnostics offers flexible solutions for development and manufacturing of lateral flow assays based on our noble-metal nanoparticles (standard gold nanoparticles and our unique gold nanourchins).

By leveraging years of experience in nanoparticle manufacturing and assay development we can reduce the time from project inception to a finished product. Whether it is a smaller project or full-scale assay development project with the goal of launching a commercial product, Cytodiagnostics is here to help.

Common service and project types:

  • Antibody conjugation and screening
  • New assay development
  • Transfer and optimization of existing proof-of-concept assay into a flow based rapid test setting.
  • Deposition of your gold conjugate on conjugate pads

If you are interested in our custom assay development services please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your project.

Our ELISA Research and Development team has over 20 years of experience with immunoassay development, sample handling, data analysis, and proteomics. We employ high-quality validation and testing procedures to ensure all custom assays we develop perform according to desired specifications.

Is a suitable or affordable assay not commercially available for your target of interest?

Read below for more information on Cytodiagnostics ELISA development services or contact us today to discuss your project.

Custom Immunoassay Development and Services We Offer

  • Development of a unique ELISA specific to your target, with defined project milestones and progress reports to suit your needs.
  • QC testing
  • Bulk manufacturing

Required materials and reagents to begin assay development:

  1. Analyte
  2. Antibodies
  3. Analyte negative samples
  4. Analyte positive samples

Typical ELISA Development Project Phases

Step 1: Antibody Pair Identification and Assay Titration

  1. Selection of compatible capture and detection antibody pairs.
  2. Determination of an optimal capture and detection antibody conjugate pair providing optimal signal-to-noise ratio: titration experiments.
  3. Development and optimization of ELISA plate coating procedures for optimal antigen capture: titration experiment.

Step 2: Assay Optimization

  1. Selection of proper sample diluent for signal generation and detection.
  2. Assessment and elimination of sample matrix effects, i.e., interference or non-specific binding.
  3. Construction of a standard curve that reflects the characteristics of the sample matrix: Parallelism.
  4. Development of an assay protocol that can detect the analyte of interest within the target sensitivity range.

Step 3: Assay Validation

  1. Determining sensitivity and precision of the assay.
  2. Determining performance of the assay in various sample matrices: Spike-in and recovery and Linearity of dilution.
  3. Optimizing assay components and incubation protocols to meet final detection requirements.

Step 4. Production of Finished Kits

  1. Quality control assessment of final components.
  2. Assembly, packaging, and delivery of ELISA kit.

If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer or want to discuss your custom ELISA development project please contact us.

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