FuGENE® has continued to innovate and now offers a full portfolio of best-in-class transfection reagents that span applications across DNA, RNA and CRISPR/Cas9 delivery, into a wide range of biologically relevant cell lines. We seek to meet the needs of researchers, scientists, and clinicians in delivering nucleic acids and proteins to cells at market-leading efficiencies while remaining gentle on cells.

DNA Transfection

Efficient, Gentle & Reliable

FuGENE® knows how important the high efficiency and gentle DNA transfection of your cells is to your research & production. For 25 years we have led the way with our broad-spectrum DNA transfection reagents.  Whether it’s for life science research, the production of antibodies, proteins, viruses, or for groundbreaking therapeutic needs, FuGENE® has you covered with our innovative transfection reagents.

FuGENE® 4K DNA Transfection

FuGENE® 4K is our newest and most advanced, 100% synthetic, multi-component transfection reagent designed for the delivery of DNA into both challenging and routine mammalian cell lines.  FuGENE® 4K was developed to improve upon our widely published and trusted FuGENE® HD reagent.  Leveraging our gentle and highly efficient proprietary transfection chemistry, FuGENE® 4K  provides efficient and safe entry of DNA into a wide range of cells. This mechanism allows users to obtain higher performance than other competitor reagents including Lipofectamine® 3000.

FuGENE® HD DNA Transfection

FuGENE® HD is a 100% synthetic, multi-component, non-liposomal transfection reagent designed for the delivery of DNA into more challenging eukaryotic and insect cell lines.  FuGENE® HD interacts with nucleic acids to provide efficient and safe entry into the cell, thus allowing users to overcome barriers in difficult-to-transfect lines such as primary cells, stem cells, and suspension cells. Its simple, easy-to-use protocol allows users to free up valuable lab time.

FuGENE® 6 DNA Transfection

FuGENE® 6 DNA Transfection Reagent is the original, multi-component, non-liposomal transfection reagent invented by FuGENE®. Designed for delivery of DNA of all sizes, it offers high-efficiency transfection with extremely low toxicity in over 800 cell lines. FuGENE® 6 saves time and resources due to minimal reagent preparation, media changes & optimization, and is very cost-effective.

RNA Transfection

Superior RNA delivery with No Toxicity

Our customers requested it and that’s why we’ve leveraged the FuGENE® technology to bring you our newest reagent, FuGENE® SI. FuGENE® SI allows our customers to obtain the highest siRNA knockdown efficiency combined with extremely low cell toxicity in eukaryotic cells.

Save time, Save money, Save reagents.

FuGENE® SI RNA Transfection

Harnessing the same gentle reliability as our market-leading DNA Transfection Reagents, we are proud to introduce to you: FuGENE® SI: our innovative RNA Transfection reagent engineered for the delivery of siRNAs into all eukaryotic cell lines. FuGENE® SI is a 100% synthetic, non-toxic, multi-component transfection reagent designed for high-efficiency delivery of RNA molecules into eukaryotic cell lines. FuGENE® SI allows researchers to obtain maximum efficiency knockdowns while being more gentle on cells than competitor’s reagents. Request a sample today for all your RNAi delivery needs, and See the Unseen™ with FuGENE® SI.

Specialized Solutions Tailored for You

From research applications to product development, you can count on our FuGENE® team to provide customizable and specialized solutions to meet your institution’s goals.  Whether it’s an entirely new reagent, a custom fill volume, or outsourcing a complete workflow, you can entrust our experts to deliver success.

  • Expert Scientific Consultation
  • Flexible Capabilities
  • Weekly Communication
  • Access to Raw Data
  • Reliable Results
  • Meeting Agreed Timelines
  • Available for any current FuGENE® product line
  • Choose custom volume, vial, and label.
  • Specific quality control based on customer needs
  • Utilize our FuGENE® expertise & compound libraries to have our scientists develop a specialized reagent for your specific cell line and application
  • Screening with customer cell line + Optimization + Protocol Transfer
  • Comparison of reagent vs. leading competitors
  • Flexible Analytical Chemistry and Biology Laboratory Space
  • 60 years of combined Chemical and Biological Synthesis expertise
  • Schedule a consultation with our chemists
  • Stable Transfection of customer provided cell lines
  • Flexible Quality Control Options
  • Protocol and Material Transfer