Ligands and Inhibitors

A ligand is a substance that interacts with a biomolecule to create a complex that is useful to living things. Binding is caused by intermolecular forces such as Van der Waals forces, hydrogen bonds, and ionic bonds. Biological processes can be either inhibited or activated by multivalent ligands. A typical endocytic method utilized by cells to internalize particles is the interaction of cell receptors with particle ligands, which causes the cell membrane to wrap the particle into a delivery vesicle. Strong inhibitory activity can be produced by multivalent ligand-receptor interactions with high functional affinities. Because they include several copies of a receptor-binding region, multivalent ligands can bind to receptors with great avidity and specificity, making them potent inhibitors.

Abeomics provides a variety of powerful ligands and inhibitors, including Peptide Inhibitors, Protease Inhibitors, TLR Ligands, and many others, to support researchers and scientists in effectively communicating their studies.

Description Catalog Number
BCMA Blocking Peptide 15-3001
Description Catalog Number
Boceprev 15-4001
Asunaprevir 15-4002
Grazoprevir 15-4003
Danoprevir 15-4004
Simeprevir (sodium salt) 15-4005
Paritaprevir 15-4006
Glecaprevir 15-4007
Camostat (mesylate) 15-4008
E-64d 15-4009
VIP (human, mouse, rat) . AcOH [RLF-100] 15-4010
Mycophenolic acid 15-4011
Hydroxychloroquine . Sulfate 15-4012
Description Catalog Number
Imiquimod, TLR7 ligand (4-Amino-1-isobutyl-1H-imidazo (4,5-c) quinoline) 15-1010
Pam3CSK4 15-1011
Poly(I).Poly(C), HMW 15-1012
Lipopolysaccharide-LPS from Ecoli 0111:B4, TLR4 ligand 15-1013
Flagellin 15-1014
FSL-1 15-1015
Imidazoquinoline Resiquimod (R-848 15-1016
CpG ODN (2006), TLR9 ligand (Class B) 15-1017
CpG ODN (1826), TLR9 ligand (Class B) 15-1018
CpG ODN (1668), TLR9 ligand (Class B) 15-1019
CpG ODN (1585), TLR9 ligand (Class A) 15-1020
CpG ODN (2216), TLR9 ligand (Class A) 15-1021
CpG ODN (C274), TLR9 ligand (Class C) 15-1022
CpG ODN (C792), TLR9 ligand (Class C) 15-1023
Zymosan 15-1024
Lipopolysaccharide-LPS from Ecoli 0111:B4, Ion-Exchange Chromatography,TLR4 ligand 15-1030
Description Catalog Number
Z-VAD (OMe)-FMK 15-2001
Q-VD-OPH (Pan Caspase Inhibitor) 15-2002
Z-D(OMe)E(OMe)VD(OMe)-FMK (Caspase 3, 7 Inhibitor) 15-2003
Boc-D(OMe)-FMK (Pan Caspase Inhibitor) 15-2004
Z-IE(OMe)TD(OMe)-FMK (Caspase 8 Inhibitor) 15-2005
Z-LE(OMe)HD(OMe)-FMK (Caspase 9 Inhibitor) 15-2006


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