BioSpec has provided innovative laboratory equipment for 40 years. Most of their products are of their own design.

Many are "firsts” for example, introduction of the MiniBeatbeater™ established the popular method for cell and tissue disruption commonly called "beadbeating".

Biospec concentrate in delivering quality products at affordable prices and continue to bring new instruments for cell and tissue disruption to the market.

Product Categories 

Homogenizers & Cell Disrupters

  • Rotor/Stator Homogenizers
  • BeadBeater-Type Homogenizers
  • Blade Blenders
  • Tissue Grinders


  • BioPulverizer
  • BioSqueezer
  • Cryo-Cup Grinder
  • CryogenicTissueGrinder
  • MicroCryoCrusher

Tissue Dispersers

  • DuelingSyringes™ Tissue Disperser
  • MicroMincer
  • Screw Tissue Press

Mixers & Stirrers

  • BioMixer
  • BioRotator-6
  • BioVortexer
  • Jiffy Mixer
  • TubeTickler


  • Chrome-Steel Beads
  • Garnet Sharp Particles
  • Glass Beads
  • Silicon-Carbide Sharp Particles
  • Stainless Steel Beads
  • Tiny Teardrops™ Aluminum Beads
  • Tungsten-Carbide Beads
  • Zirconia Beads
  • Zirconia/Silica Beads

Vials and

  • micro-Mini-BeadBeater Vials
  • Polypropylene Screwcap Microvials
  • SoniBeast 0.6 ml Tube
  • Stainless Steel Microvials
  • XXTuff Reinforced Microvials

Medium-scale Tissue
Extraction Tools

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Microbial and Single Cells
  • Muscle and Organs
  • Seeds and Grains
  • Soft Plant and Animal Tissues


High Capacity Cell Disrupter

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Cell Disrupters: A Review

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The Mini-Beadbeater-1 violently agitates a sealed microcentrifuge vial containing cells or tissue, extraction solution and tiny glass, zirconia or steel beads. Even Read More…

Sample Preperation

Overview Good sample preparation is arguably the most critical step in any analytical process because most techniques are unable to Read More…