Formumax is a speciality drug discovery company located in Silicon Valley California.

Their focus is on liposome and other lipid based technologies.

They offer a large number of preformed liposome reagents and have successfully provided products to university laboratories, research Institutes and industries worldwide.

Product Categories


We specialize in a range of formulation and drug delivery technologies from solubility enhancement using liposomes, lipospheres and micellar systems to more sophisticated nano-enabled systems like PEGylated liposomes, PEGylated lipospheres and polymer-based nanoparticles for controlled/sustained delivery of various type of compounds. We have strong expertise and many years of experience in designing and developing parenteral delivery systems with respect to both the drug carrier systems and the drug loading methods for challenging compounds. Our goal is to come up with formulation solutions that are tailored and optimized to fit the compound and the specific needs of our customers.


  • Development of new carriers and drug loading technologies
  • Conventional liposomes
  • Long-circulating PEGylated liposomes
  • Lipid-based nanoparticles or lipid-particles
  • Microemulsions
  • Controlled release and/or solubility enhancement
  • Optimization of formulation parameters using DOE (Design of Experiments)
  • Liposomes for pharmaceuticals (small molecules, nucleic acids, peptide/proteins)
  • Liposomes for cosmetics (topical)
  • Liposomes for nutraceuticals


  • Accumulation enhancement at the disease site through prolonged circulation
  • Improve PK/PD relationship
  • Increase in therapeutic efficacy
  • Enhancement of skin penetration
  • Enhancement of GI absorption
  • Reduction of dosing frequency
  • Solubilization of water-insoluble compounds
  • Reduction in toxicity
  • Stability enhancement

Third generation: Ligand-Targeted STEALTH Liposomes

This is the most advanced liposome system. PEGylated liposomes with targeting ligands (antibodies, antibody fragments, peptides and small molecules) have the potential of specific targeted delivery to the disease site through ligand-receptor binding.

STEALTH Lipid-Nanoparticles (Lipospheres)

Liposphere is a nano-particle with an lipophilic core (such as triglycerides) coated with a monolayer of lipids. Lipophilic drugs are loaded in the oil core.

First generation: Conventional Liposomes

This is the first generation liposome system. Various types of drugs can be loaded into the interior, in the bilayer or at the interface depending on the nature of the compounds.

Second generation: PEGylated STEALTH Liposomes

PEGylated (STEALTH) liposomes is the second generation liposome system. It offers significant advantages over conventional liposomes. It has prolonged blood circulation time and hence enhanced drug accumulation at the disease site. Other potential benefits include reduced toxicity, reduced dosing frequency etc.

New Products:
o Liposomes for Loading Hydrophobic drugs
o Alendrosome™- Alendronate Liposomes
o Lyophilized Clophosome® (1 year shelf-life)

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FormuMax proudly offers two types of clodronate liposomes. Clophosome® with the clodronate molecules encapsulated in neutral liposomes is capable of achieving macrophage depletion of 80-90% in spleen after a single intravenous or intraperitoneal administration. Clophosome®-A composed of anionic lipids further improve the efficacy in macrophage depletion to above 90% in spleen after a single intravenous injection. Clodronate molecules are encapsulated in small MLV liposomes for superior activity, physical and chemical stability, and convenience of use and handling.

Both types of Clophsome® are offered in the standard suspension form fo rthe convenience of use, the high potency form fo rdosing of high cotent with limited small volume and the lyophilized forms for the long shelf-life.

For your convenience, the products are provided in various combo kits and vial sizes (2mL and 10mL). Evaluation samples are also available upon request. See below for results and product details.

We have recently added two new forms of Clophosome® products. The first being the high potency neutral Clophosome® (20mg/mL) so that high amount of Clophosome® could be dosed when the dosing volume is small, such as intratracheal, intranasal, Intracerebroventricular (ICV) or intratumor injections.

We have also introduced lyophilized Clophosome® (both neutral and anionic forms) which give exceptional shelf-life of one year. The Clophosome® can be easily reconstituted to regenerate Clophosome® comparable to the original liquid Clophosome®.

Flow cytometry results demonstration depletion of F4/80-hi CD11b-lo/int macrophages of the mouse spleen 24 hr after i.v. injection of liposomes (results used with permission)

Flow cytometry results demonstration depletion of F4/80-hi CD11b-lo/int macrophages of the mouse spleen 24 hr after i.p. injection of liposomes (results used with permission)

(Note: the above results are illustrations only, your results may vary depending on individual applications, types of animals and administration regimens and many other factors)

FormuMax has been providing custom-made formulations of liposomal doxorubicin HCl with various lipid compositions and particle sizes. There has been an increased demand of liposomal doxorubicin comparable to the commercial Doxil®. Now we are proudly naming our product, Doxoves®, and making it available to you at an affordable price.

Doxoves® is manufactured to high quality with consistent lot-lot characteristics, tight particle size distribution and high drug encapsulation efficiency. A high drug concentration of 4.0 mg/mL (40mM lipid) allows researchers to perform experiments at higher concentrations/doses. Doxoves® is comparable to the commercial product Doxil® in characteristics, stability and pharmacokinetics. Cryo-TEM studies have shown that the encapsulated doxorubicin forms the same type of rod-like structures as in Doxil®. A recent PK study of two batches of Doxoves® demonstrated an excellent PK profile with t1/2 of 30-40hr similar to that of Doxil®.

Formumax currently offer two types of preformed liposomes for drug loading. The ammonium sulfate gradient liposomes for loading weakly basic small molecules and the other being liposomes for loading hydrophobic (lipophilic) compounds.

Code Description
F10209D Liposomes for Loading Hydrophobic Drugs (5.0mL)
F20104A HSPC/CHOL (55:45 mol/mol) Liposomes with Ammonium Sulfate Gradient (100nm)
F20204AS SUV HSPC/CHOL/mPEG2000-DSPE (56.2/38.5/5.3) Liposomes with Ammonium Sulfate Gradient (85 nm)
F20103A DSPC/CHOL (55:45 mol/mol) Liposomes with Ammonium Sulfate Gradient (100nm)
F20204AB HSPC/CHOL/mPEG2000-DSPE (56.2:38.5:5.3) Liposomes with Ammonium Sulfate Gradient (100nm)
F20204A HSPC/CHOL/mPEG2000-DSPE (50:45:5 mol/mol) Liposomes with Ammonium Sulfate Gradient (100nm)
F20203A DSPC/CHOL/mPEG-DSPE (50:45:5 mol/mol) Liposomes with Ammonium Sulfate Gradient (100nm)

FormuMax offers a series of cationic liposomes. They can be used as positively charged liposomes or as cell transfection reagents for plasmid DNA, antisense, siRNA, etc. Please contact us if you require any product not shown below.

We are very excited to announce the introduction of our brand new product, Trans-HiTM, as a superior transfection reagent to compete against the leading products in the market. Trans-HiTM is created based on a proprietary polymer technology. It forms stable complex particles with DNA and rapidly releases the DNA molecules upon endocytosis into the cytoplasm. It offers superior and reproducible transfection efficiency on the common cells such as Hela, CHO, HEK293 and many hard-to-transfect mammalian cells with minimal toxicity. Trans-HiTM is very cost-efficient and 1.0mL is sufficient for over 650 transfections in 24 well plates.

Trans-Hi™ – In vitro Transfection Reagent Cat# F90101TH-10 – 0.5 mL 1.0 mL 10 x 1.0 mL
Trans-Hi™ – Transfection Reagent Evaluation Sample cat# F90101TH-00

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FormuMax offers preformed fluorescent liposomes labeled with lipophilic dyes at affordable prices. The 100nm series has becoming increasingly popular. We are also adding other sizes such as the 200nm and 500nm fluorescent liposomes to satisfy the need for particle size standards in the field of flow cytometry. Our liposomes are produced by the extrusion technology which is known to produce the most uniform liposomes. However customers should be aware that liposomes prepared by the extrusion method still have rather broad particle size distribution. The particles size reported in the product sheet is for the mean diameter as measured by a standard DLS particle sizer.

100nm Fluorescent Liposomes

 Product Code    Description ex/em (nm)
 F60103-P Placebo Control DOPC/CHOL liposomesno dye
 F60203-P Placebo Control DOPC/CHOL/mPEG-DSPE liposomesno dye
 F60103F-D DOPC/CHOL/dansyl DOPE336 / 517 
 F60203F-D DOPC/CHOL/mPEG-DSPE/Dansyl DOPE336  / 517
 F60103F-MB DOPC/CHOL/Marina Blue-DHPE365 / 460
 F60203F-MB DOPC/CHOL/mPEG-DSPE/Marina Blue-DHPE365 / 460
 F60103F-NBD DOPC/CHOL/NBD-PE463 / 536
 F60203F-NBD DOPC/CHOL/mPEG2000-DSPE/NBD-PE463 / 536
 F60103F-F DOPC/CHOL/Fluorescein-DHPE496 / 519
 F60203F-F DOPC/CHOL/mPEG-DSPE/Fluorescein DHPE496 / 519
 F60103F-R DOPC/CHOL/Rhodamine DHPE560 / 580
 F60203F-R DOPC/CHOL/mPEG-DSPE/Rhodamine DHPE560 / 580
 F60103F-OG DOPC/CHOL/Oregon Green 488 DHPE501 / 526
 F60203F-OG DOPC/CHOL/mPEG-DSPE/Oregon Green 488 DHPE501 / 526
 F60103F-TR DOPC/CHOL/Texas Red DHPE595 / 615
 F60203F-TR DOPC/CHOL/mPEG-DSPE/Texas Red DHPE595 / 615

200nm Fluorescent Liposomes

Product Code    Description Mean Diameter (nm)  ex/em (nm)
 F60103F2-P Non-fluorscent Control DOPC/CHOL liposomes    200    no dye
 F60103F2-F DOPC/CHOL/Fluorescein-DHPE200    496 / 519
 F60103F2-R DOPC/CHOL/Rhodamine DHPE200    560 / 580
 F60103F2-TR DOPC/CHOL/Texas Red DHPE200    595 / 615

300nm Fluorescent Liposomes

Product Code    Description  ex/em (nm)
 F60103F3-P 300nm, Non-fluorescent Control DOPC/CHOL liposomes    no dye
 F60103F3-F 300nm, DOPC/CHOL/Fluorescein-DHPE   496 / 519
 F60103F3-R 300nm, DOPC/CHOL/Rhodamine DHPE   560 / 580
 F60103F3-TR 300nm, DOPC/CHOL/Texas Red DHPE   595 / 615

FormuMax offers pre-formed liposome reagents to research organizations involved in liposomal drug delivery. We offer a large number of common lipid compositions, prepared by experienced formulators using only the highest quality lipids from premier suppliers. Our products are easy to use, time-saving, and cost-saving, improving the productivity and reliability of your research. They are highly trustworthy for batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility, and are sterile-filtered and properly packaged in vials to ensure long-term stability when stored refrigerated.

Please feel free to contact us if you do not find the specific preformed liposome of your interest. We also provide custom liposomes made to your specifications.

Product Code    Description
F10203F10203, Plain DSPC/CHOL/mPEG2000-DSPE Liposomes (50:45:5 mol/mol, 100 nm)
FB10020Liposome diluent- Sucrose solution (10 wt%)
FB10030Liposome diluent: PBS (Phosphate buffer Saline 1X)
F10209DLiposomes for Loading Hydrophobic Drugs (5.0mL)
F10102Plain DPPC/CHOL Liposomes (55:45 mol/mol, 100 nm)
F10202Plain DPPC/CHOL/mPEG2000-DSPE Liposomes (50:45:5 mol/mol, 100 nm)
F10103Plain DSPC/CHOL Liposomes (55:45 mol/mol, 100 nm)
F10104Plain HSPC/CHOL Liposomes (55:45 mol/mol, 100 nm)
F10204Plain HSPC/CHOL/mPEG2000-DSPE Liposomes (50:45:5 mol/mol, 100 nm)
F10109Plain Pure DOPC Liposomes (100 nm)
F10110Plain Pure POPC Liposomes (100 nm)

FormuMax offers a list of lpharmaceutical actives encapsulated in liposomes. Currents products is shown in the list below and we will continue to add more products in the future depending on the demond.

Product Code     Description
F30204B-D2 Doxoves® – STEALTH Liposomal Doxorubicin HCl (2.0mg/mL) (New product)
F30204B-D Doxoves® – STEALTH Liposomal Doxorubicin HCl (4.0mg/mL)
FB10020 Liposome diluent- Sucrose solution (10 wt%)
FB10030 Liposome diluent: PBS (Phosphate buffer Saline 1X)
F30204-IT STEALTH Liposomal Irinotecan HCl (2.0mg/mL)
F30204-TT STEALTH Liposomal Topotecan HCl (2.0mg/mL)

We provide contract services of drug delivery formulation developments to pharmaceutical/biotech industries. We specialize in a range of formulation and drug delivery technologies for injectables, from conventional liposomes, Stealth (PEGylated) liposomes for drug delivery, slow release liposomes to solubility enhancing systems such as microemulsions and liposomes. We have strong and broad expertise and over years of experience in the drug delivery field and lipid biophysics. Our services include formulation feasibility studies, process development and scale-up, formulation characterization, analytical and nonclinical services. Our capacity range from a few milliliters, to tens of liters

Formulation Development

  •  All types of liposomes and other lipid-based drug delivery systems
  •  Specialized in formulation of difficult compounds
  •  Formulation of small molecules, peptides/proteins, nucleic acids
  •  Solubility enhancement using liposomes and lipid-based systems
  •  Controlled/slow drug release systems
  •  Pre-formulation, formulation feasibility and prototype development
  •  Extrusion, homogenization, microfluidization, sonication and others
  •  Process development, scale-up and process optimization (Design-of-Experiments) and sterile grade filterability studies

Formulation Characterization

  • Particle size (Brookhaven 90Plus part of ZetaPALS)
  • Zeta Potential and Mobility (Brookhaven ZetaPALSqNano)
  • Particle size distribution (qNano, Brookhaven ZetaPALS)
  • Drug encapsulation efficiency (various approaches)
  • Microscope examinations (uniformity, drug crystals, centrifugation)
  • Particle shape, lamellarity and particle Sub-structure (cryo-TEM, FF-EM)
  • Phase transition, enthalpy of lipids and liposomes, protein denaturation temperatures (MicroCal VP-DSC)
  • Polymer glass transition, melting point (Perkin Elmer DSC 7)
  • Lyophilization/Freeze trying (liposomes, peptide/proteins, Virtis Genesis 35EL with stoppering)

Analytical Sciences

  • HPLC method development
  • HPLC measurement of drug potency and degradients
  • Lipid concentration assay
  • Formulation stability (chemical and physical)
  • In vitro drug release assay
  • pH
  • Osmolality (Wescor Vapor Pressure Osmometer 5520)
  • Refractive Index
  • Specialized in liposome encapsulation of difficult compounds
  • Encapsulation of small molecules, peptides/proteins, nucleic acids
  • Solubility enhancement using liposomes and lipid-based systems
  • Liposomes and other lipid-based drug delivery systems
  • Controlled/slow drug release systems
  • Nanocrystal down-sizing and polymer coating
  • Pre-formulation, formulation feasibility, and prototype development
  • Scale-up, composition/process optimization (Design-of-Experiments)
  • Extrusion, homogenization/microfluidization, sonication and others
  • Formulation characterization, stability, in vitro/in vivo studies
  • Freeze-drying and lyophylization
Formulation Physical Characterization
  • Particle size and distribution by DLS (Brookhaven ZetaPALS)
  • Zeta Potential and Mobility (Brookhaven ZetaPALS)
  • Particle size, distribution and particle concentration by qNano (directly measures the properties of individual nanoparticles in solution)
  • Drug encapsulation efficiency (free drug separated and assayed by HPLC or other analytical means)
  • Lipid/liposome phase transition, enthalpy (MicoCal VP-DSC)
  • Polymer glass transition, melting point (Perkin Elmer DSC 7)
  • Lyophylization/Freeze trying (Virtis Genesis)
  • Formulation examination under microscope
Analytical Sciences
  • HPLC method development (Agilent 1100 HPLC, Waters 2695)
  • HPLC measurement of drug potency and degradents
  • Lipid assay
  • Drug assay (HPLC, UV SpectraMax plate reader, SpectraMax Gemini XS plate reader)
  • Formulation stability (chemical and physical)
  • Lipid/liposome phase transition, enthalpy (MicoCal VP-DSC)
  • Polymer glass transition, melting point (Perkin Elmer DSC 7)
  • In vitro drug release assay
  • pH
  • Osmolarity (Wescor Vapro Osmometer 5520 and OSMETTE XL™ 5007 )
  • Viscosity (Brookfield DV-II+Pro)
  • Refractive Index

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Clophosome® – Clodronate Liposomes

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FormuMax specialize in a range of formulation and drug delivery technologies from solubility enhancement using liposomes, lipospheres and micellar systems Read More…