Why do researchers consider Salimetrics salivary assay kits the standard of comparison? They offer the most reliable, repeatable and accurate results in saliva, because they are focused on science driven by rigorous, uncompromising testing.

Saliva is their specialty. No modified blood or urine assays here—Salimetrics assays are designed specifically for salivary testing by pioneers in salivary bioscience, and are now recognised globally as the standard in saliva testing.

Choose Salimetrics. Your research is too important to settle for anything less.

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Salimetrics supports saliva researchers around the world with accurate, high-quality, and relevant salivary assays. Dedicated to salivary bioscience, Salimetrics assays have been used in more saliva-related published papers than any other assay in the field. Exclusively from Salimetrics, SalivaBio maintains the global standard for collection devices and techniques. At SalivaBio, we recognize the critical role saliva collection plays in providing consistent, accurate results. The Human Tissue Authority-licensed Salimetrics Europe Center of Excellence testing laboratory is located in Cambridge, UK. Together the team shares many years of experience in saliva and hair collection and analysis.

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Salimetrics supports thousands of saliva researchers in more than 20 countries around the world. Salimetrics assays have been used in more saliva-related published papers than any other assay in the field, and our customer support staff is unparalleled. We look forward to assisting your research for many years to come.

Making Meaningful Impact Is Our Goal.

Discovery – We provide the tools that help others uncover relationships between biology, behavior, social forces, and health.
Science – We encourage application of systematic, rigorous, logical, evidence-based, reliable, valid, well-planned thought to all that we do.
Innovation – We want to operate at the cutting edge.
Collaboration – We acknowledge there is more to be done that we can accomplish on our own.
Impact – We selectively invest our time and resources in projects, services and products that will make a difference.

Headquartered in the United States with offices in Europe and global distribution capabilities, Salimetrics represents worldwide opportunity in salivary collection, analysis and research.
Learn more about Salimetrics—our full-service saliva testing service (the SalivaLab) and Centers of Excellence initiative, global partnerships, the people paving the way in saliva research and the individuals and institutions who rely on Salimetrics—and it’s plain to see the future of salivary bioscience is both bright and exciting!




Saliva Collection Instructions

Melatonin Collection method: Passive drool, Salimetrics Swab Container: cryovials, 2mL or SCS/SIS/SOS and SST Required saliva volume: 0.5 – 1.0 Read More…

Spit tips

Inter- and Intra-Assay Coefficients of Variability In order to express the precision, or repeatability, of immunoassay test results, researchers in Read More…

Correcting Salivary Analyte Concentrations

for Saliva Flowrate Some salivary analytes pass from outside the salivary cells and into saliva more slowly than others. If Read More…

Correcting SIgA Concentrations for Saliva Flowrate

(SOS Collection) Some salivary analytes such as SIgA pass from outside the salivary cells into saliva more slowly than others. Read More…

Saliva Flow Rate

The Entry of Substances into Saliva and the Effect of Flow Rate on Their Concentrations The non-invasive nature of saliva Read More…

Infant Saliva Collection tips

from Salimetrics customers We have researchers who have shared able to offer some collection tips.  From Harvard University –Brigham and Read More…

Saliva Collection Methods

People often ask us the best method to use when sampling saliva for their studies. There are quite a few Read More…

Handling Multiple Salivary Analytes and Order of Assay

Many bio-behavioral studies now include measurements of multiple salivary biomarkers. Some analytes such as cortisol and alpha-amylase are fairly stable Read More…

Interpreting Differences in EIA Results

Occasionally, differences in EIA results are observed from what is expected. In most cases, these differences relate to one or Read More…

Collecting and Handling Saliva for Analysis of Novel Protein and Peptide Markers

Saliva contains numerous protein-degrading enzymes, and levels of these enzymes are elevated in individuals with periodontal disease. (Watanabe et al., Read More…

Tips for Running Salimetrics Assays

To obtain consistent results, it is important to always use the same methods, equipment, timing, etc., when testing saliva samples. Read More…

Collecting and Handling Saliva Samples for Cytokine Analysis

As was noted in the Spit Tip from our earlier Spit Report devoted to salivary CRP (April 2011), limited information Read More…