Bangs Laboratories, Inc. is a manufacturer of uniform polymer, silica and magnetic microsphere products for diagnostic, research and flow cytometry applications.

They also manufacture many specialty products to support validation and QC programs for analytical instruments, including a broad portfolio of fluorescent, count, size and cell viability standards.

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Bangs Laboratories supplies a large variety of uniform polymeric and silica microsphere products for diagnostic, research, and flow cytometry applications.

Bangs newest QuantumPlex™ flow cytometry multiplexing kits complement specialty microspheres for a variety of immunoassay, molecular and cell biology and standardisation applications.  Bangs’ product list contains the best range of microspheres with >2000 varieties.

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Flow Cytometry Products




SNARe DNA Purification kits™

SNARe™ DNA Purification Systems offer rapid, cost-effective methods for isolating DNA using DNA Separation Particles.  DNA Separation Particles are a suspension of superparamagnetic iron oxide particles that bind double-stranded DNA. Once bound, the DNA-particle complex is stable and can be washed to remove any impurities or unwanted proteins from the sample to provide a clean DNA preparation.