System Biosciences

System Biosciences (SBI) specialises in developing unique, innovative technologies to provide researchers with the tools to investigate and understand genomic and proteomic function.  SBI offers solutions for lentiviral mediated gene delivery and knockdown, high-throughput RNAi screens and products for Stem Cell and MicroRNA research.

SBI’s extended set of cloning and expression lentivectors provide efficient delivery of expression constructs in mammalian systems.  To achieve highly efficient delivery and stable expression, the lentiviral constructs can be packaged in VSV-G pseudoviral particles and transduced into a wide range of cell lines or to model organisms (mouse, rat, etc.).

  • Lentiviral Technology
  • Efficient delivery
  • Stable, heritable expression
  • Non-disruptive to cells
  • Biosafe

GeneNet™ shRNA Libraries enable you to perform high-throughput gene knockdown studies on a genome-wide or pathway-focused basis. You can simultaneously identify multiple genes that alter a specific cellular phenotype in a single experiment.

SBI's range of products for stem cell research include induced Pluripotency Stem Cell (iPSC) Factor Constructs, Human and Mouse iPS cell lines, transcriptional reporters for confirmation of pluripotency and tools for tracking stem cell, differentiation.  In addition, SBI has developed innovative technologies and tools for qPCR Expression profiling, cloning, overexpression and knockdown of microRNAs to enhance your research discoveries.




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