SBI is a small biotech company that’s delivered innovative products and services for molecular and cell biology research since January 2004, when they sold their first lentivectors and pPACK lentivirus packaging systems.

They focus on being the first company to bring the most recent methodologies to market—they were the first company to deliver exosome research reagents and CRISPR/Cas9 vectors—so researchers could quickly take advantage of the latest, most powerful approaches.

Dedicated to quality, many of their products and most of their service offerings are completed in their state-of-the-art facility in Palo Alto CA, enabling them to maintain control over manufacturing conditions and quality, ensure their service projects remain confidential and deliver frequent and timely service project status updates.

Their experienced staff includes a high proportion of PhD-level scientists who interact directly with customers to provide product and services support.

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Lentiviral Technology

  • Expression Vectors
  • Cumate Inducible Vectors
  • Transcription Reporter Vectors
  • Virus Production
  • Reporter Cell Lines


  • AAV Isolation
  • AAV Vectors

Genome Engineering

  • PrecisionX™ Cas9 SmartNuclease and SmartNickase Vectors
  • Multiplex gRNA CRISPR/Cas9 kits
  • HR Targeting Vectors
  • AAVS1 Safe Harbor Targeting
  • EZ-Genotyping Kit
  • phiC31 Integrase System
  • PinPoint Targeting System
  • PiggyBac Transposon

Molecular Tools

  • Cold Fusion cloning
  • MetaMorph Mutagenesis Kit
  • mRNAExpress RNA Synthesis Kit
  • PureFection transfection
  • Retrovirus concentration
  • Cyto-Tracers
  • Molecular Imaging Vectors
  • MycoQuick
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LncRNA Research


Gene Analysis

  • RNA-Quant cDNA Synthesis
  • FullSpectrum
  • MultiStart Primers
  • Interferon Response Detection Kit


RNAi Libraries

  •  Application Overview
  • Human Genome-wide
  • Mouse Genome-wide
  • Pathway Focused


Immunology Research

  •  Foxp3 vectors
  • RORyt vectors
  • T cell Reporter



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Episomal Vector Technologies

Stem Cell Research

  • Growth Factors and Media
  • iPSC Reprogramming Systems
  • Antibody and AP Staining Kits
  • iPS Cell Lines
  • Pluripotency Reporters
  • Differentiation Reporters
  • Neural Lineage qPCR Profiler

Exosome Research

  • Exosome Isolation
  • Purified Exosomes
  • Transfect Exosomes
  • EV Shuttle Kits
  • EV-Entry Reagent
  • Label Exosome Cargo (red, green)
  • Package miRNAs into Exosomes
  • Load Protein Cargo
  •  Targeting Technology
  • Immunopurify Exosomes
  • Exosome-depleted FBS
  • Exosome Antibodies
  • Exosome Quantitation
  • RNA-Seq and Mass Spec
  • Profile Exosome microRNAs

MicroRNA Research

  • Expression Profiling: QuantiMir, OncoMir, Stem Cell Collection, miRNome
  • MicroRNA Overexpression
  • Bi-allelic MicroRNA Knockout
  • MicroRNA Knockdown
  • MicroRNA Virus Libraries




  • Custom Constructs
  • Virus Packaging Service
  • Custom Reporter Cell Lines
  • Custom RNAi Libraries
  • Hybridization & Data Analysis for RNAi Libraries
  • Scientific Consulting

Stem Cell

  • Custom iPS Cell Lines

Genome Engineering

  • CRISPR/Cas9 SmartNucleases
  • HR Donor Vectors
  • Design Services


  • Profiling Overview
  • Genome-wide
  • OncoMir Collection
  • Stem Cell Collection
  • Precursor Overexpression
  • MicroRNA Knockdown
  • Scientific Consulting


System Biosciences (SBI) specialises in developing unique, innovative technologies to provide researchers with the tools to investigate and understand genomic and proteomic function.  SBI offers solutions for lentiviral mediated gene delivery and knockdown, high-throughput RNAi screens and products for Stem Cell and MicroRNA research.

SBI’s extended set of cloning and expression lentivectors provide efficient delivery of expression constructs in mammalian systems.  To achieve highly efficient delivery and stable expression, the lentiviral constructs can be packaged in VSV-G pseudoviral particles and transduced into a wide range of cell lines or to model organisms (mouse, rat, etc.).

GeneNet™ shRNA Libraries enable you to perform high-throughput gene knockdown studies on a genome-wide or pathway-focused basis. You can simultaneously identify multiple genes that alter a specific cellular phenotype in a single experiment.

SBI’s range of products for stem cell research include induced Pluripotency Stem Cell (iPSC) Factor Constructs, Human and Mouse iPS cell lines, transcriptional reporters for confirmation of pluripotency and tools for tracking stem cell, differentiation.  In addition, SBI has developed innovative technologies and tools for qPCR Expression profiling, cloning, overexpression and knockdown of microRNAs to enhance your research discoveries.

System Biosciences continues to create new and unique products as well as improve our well-established product lines. Our commitment to providing leading-edge technologies is matched by our high quality of manufacturing and quality control for all of our research reagents and research project services.



Simultaneous Detection of cfDNA and Exosomal Biomarkers

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Stem Cell

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Exosomes Explained

How to use Exosomes

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How Lentivirus Delivery Works

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Exo-Fect™ Exosome Transfection

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PinPoint Targeted Integration System

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Minicircle DNA Vector Technology

The Minicircle advantage Minicircles are episomal DNA vectors that are produced as circular expression cassettes devoid of any bacterial plasmid Read More…

PureFection™ Transfection Reagent

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Exosome Research Tools

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MicroRNA Research

  Everything you need for microRNA research Integrated solutions for microRNA analysis SBI has developed innovative technologies and tools for Read More…

Cold Fusion Cloning Kit

The Cold Fusion technology is a simple, rapid and highly efficient cloning kit. It allows you to directly clone any Read More…

Exosome Antibodies, Arrays and ELISA Kits Detect and quantitate isolated exosomes

  Track and Quantitate Exosomes with Antibodies and ELISAs Exosomes are small membrane vesicles secreted by most cell types in Read More…

Sample Preperation

Overview Good sample preparation is arguably the most critical step in any analytical process because most techniques are unable to Read More…

Analysis of PCR

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Genetic Engineering – Master the Essentials

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phiC31 Integrase Vector System One-step Gene Addition Technology

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