United States Biological

US Biological is a rapidly growing manufacturing corporation specialising in thousands of ultra pure molecular biology reagents, cell culture media, enzymes and antibodies. They provide one of the widest selections of antibodies supplying over 70,000 antibodies, antigens and biochemicals. In addition, they provide custom media, peptide and antibody production.

Product Range

  • Antibodies
  • Biochemicals
  • Cloning
  • Culture Media
  • Custom Services
  • Growth Factors, Cytokines
  • Kits and Assays
  • Lectins
  • Molecular Biology Serum, Tissues

Key Features


Stringent Quality Control Testing

DNase, RNase, protease, bioburden, growth performance, strain selection assays, blue-white cloning, background fluorescence, restriction enzyme digestion, endotoxin, 9CFR sterility testing, physical and chemical properties.
Quality Control and Manufacturing Guidelines followed include IACUC, NIH, GLP and GMP.

New Express 35 Day Antibody Development

With United States Biological you do not have to wait for 80 days until the rabbit gives a good response. Their new technology speeds up the development of the immune response; in 35 days the animals give titers of specific antibodies (IgG's) which can be even higher than after 60-80 days of a standard (multiple injection) immunisation scheme.

Molecular Biology Services

Current services available to customers include polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, cDNA and genomic library construction, library screening, custom cloning and expression, large-scale plasmid purification, protein expression, peptide synthesis and ELISA development.



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