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Researchers around the globe are leveraging EpiCypher’s products and services to make exciting discoveries in the epigenetics field. Explore the chart below to see what some of our customers have been up to and get new ideas for how to further your research with EpiCypher products!

Date First Author Paper Title Journal Product Category Application Product No
2023/03 Wei Pharmacological disruption of mSWI/SNF complex activity restricts SARS-CoV-2 infection Nature Genetics CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 15-1017
2023/03 Decaesteker SOX11 regulates SWI/SNF complex components as member of the adrenergic neuroblastoma core regulatory circuitry Nature Communications CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2023/03 Fischer Sex-Specific Regulation of Promoter Bivalency in the Mouse Striatum University of Pennsylvania ProQuest Dissertations Publishing CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1116, 13-0041, 13-0042
2023/03 Tatman Computational Analysis of Rerep-Seq and Extrachromosomal Circular DNA University of Colorado Denver, Anshutz Medical Campus ProQuest Dissertations Publishing CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2023/03 Schreiber Targeting the Frataxin Transcriptional Defect as a Therapeutic Approach for Friedreich’s Ataxia University of Alabama at Birmingham ProQuest Disserations Publishing CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2023/03 Bohuslavo Computational Analysis of Rerep-Seq and Extrachromosomal Circular DNA Cell & Bioscience CUT&TAG ANTIBODIES CUT&TAG 13-0042, 13-0047, 13-0048, 15-1017
2023/03 Tang A multi-organoid platform identifies CIART as a key factor for SARS-CoV-2 infection Nature Cell Biology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2023/03 Battisello Stepwise activities of mSWI/SNF family chromatin remodeling complexes direct T cell activation and exhaustion Molecular Cell CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 15-1117
2023/03 Hussain Short tandem repeats are important contributors to silencer elements in T cells Nucleic Acids Research CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2023/03 Cheng The X-linked epigenetic regulator UTX controls NK cell-intrinsic sex differences Nature Immunology CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 15-1017
2023/03 Dawe Synthetic maize centromeres transmit chromosomes across generations Nature Plants CUT&TAG ANTIBODIES CUT&TAG 13-0042
2023/03 Wang A DNA tumor virus globally reprograms host 3D genome architecture to achieve immortal growth Nature Communications CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2023/03 Wright Genomic Redistribution of Metal-Response Transcription Factor-1 (MTF-1) in Cadmium Resistant Cells MDPI Cells CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2023/02 Tan Signal-induced enhancer activation requires Ku70 to read topoisomerase1-DNA covalent complexes Nature Structural & Molecular Biology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 21-1401
2023/02 De Silva PBRM1 bromodomains associate with RNA to facilitate chromatin association Nucleic Acids Research NUCLEOSOMES SNAP-ChIP Spike-ins ChIP-seq 19-3001
2023/02 Kamens Proteasome inhibition targets the KMT2A transcriptional complex in acute lymphoblastic leukemia Nature Communications CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2023/02 Muhlen Recycling of parental histones preserves the epigenetic landscape during embryonic development Science Advances CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 15-1017, 15-1018
2023/02 Jeon SMAD3 promotes expression and activity of the androgen receptor in prostate cancer Nucleic Acids Research CUT&RUN ANTIBODIES CUT&RUN 13-0042, 14-1048, 14-0050
2023/02 Becht MORF and MOZ acetyltransferases target unmethylated CpG islands through the winged helix domain Nature Communications NUCLEOSOMES Binding Assay 16-2104
2023/02 Qiao Genomic targets of the IRE1-XBP1s pathway in mediating metabolic adaptation in epithelial plasticity Nucleic Acids Research CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016, 18-1401
2023/02 Kang Targeting BAP1 with small compound inhibitor for colon cancer treatment Scientific Reports NUCLEOSOMES Deubiquitinase Assay 16-0395
2023/02 Martens Quantifying nucleosome dynamics and protein binding with PIE-FCCS and spFRET Leiden University Scholarly Publications NUCLEOSOMES COMPONENTS Nucleosome Assembly 18-0006, 15-0301, 15-0302, 15-0303, 15-0304
2023/01 Hirashima Evaluation by Experimentation and Simulation of a FRET Pair Comprising Fluorescent Nucleobase Analogs in Nucleosomes Chemistry Human Histone Octamers Nucleosome Assembly 16-001
2023/01 Dai Massively parallel knock-in engineering of human T cells Nature Biotechnology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2023/01 Sparbier Targeting Menin disrupts the KMT2A/B and polycomb balance to paradoxically activate bivalent genes Nature Cell Biology CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 15-1017
2023/01 Zhu Dual-specificity RNA aptamers enable manipulation of target-specific O-GlcNAcylation and unveil functions of O-GlcNAc on β-catenin Cell CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2023/01 Raus Early-life exercise primes the murine neural epigenome to facilitate gene expression and hippocampal memory consolidation Communications Biology CUT&RUN ANTIBODIES CUT&RUN 13-0047
2023/01 Rambout PGC-1α senses the CBC of pre-mRNA to dictate the fate of promoter-proximally paused RNAPII Molecular Cell CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2023/01 Boos The endothelial-enriched lncRNA LINC00607 mediates angiogenic function Basic Research in Cardiolgy CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2023/01 Bomber Human SMARCA5 is continuously required to maintain nucleosome spacing Molecular Cell CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2023/01 Miao Glucose dissociates DDX21 dimers to regulate mRNA splicing and tissue differentiation Cell CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048, 21-1401, 15-1016
2023/01 Lu The ETS transcription factor ETV6 constrains the transcriptional activity of EWS-FLI to promote Ewing sarcoma Nature Cell Biology CUT&RUN ANTIBODIES CUT&RUN 21-1401, 13-0041, 13-0042, 15-1016, 18-1401, 14-0050
2023/01 Ge Key transcription factors influence the epigenetic landscape to regulate retinal cell differentiation Nucleic Acids Research CUT&TAG ANTIBODIES CUT&TAG 13-0047, 15-1017, 15-1018
2023/01 Chen DNA dioxygenases Tet2/3 regulate gene promoter accessibility and chromatin topology in lineage-specific loci to control epithelial differentiation Science Advances CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 14-1101
2023/01 Le BATF2 promotes HSC myeloid differentiation by amplifying IFN response mediators during chronic infection iScience CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/12 Coffin Disruption of the ATXN1-CIC complex reveals the role of additional nuclear ATXN1 interactors in spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 Neuron CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016, 18-1401
2022/12 Londregan Discovery of High-Affinity Small-Molecule Binders of the Epigenetic Reader YEATS4 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Recombinant Proteins TR-FRET 15-0069
2022/12 Zerio Physachenolide C is a Potent, Selective BET Inhibitor Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Peptides Binding Assay 12-0034
2022/12 Irwan Reversal of Epigenetic Silencing by the SMC5/6 Complex Rescues Integrase-Deficient HIV-1 Replication and Prevents the Establishment of a Latent Reservoir Duke University ProQuest Dissertations Publishing CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/12 Andreyeva Drosophila SUMM4 complex couples insulator function and DNA replication control eLife NUCLEOSOMES EpiDyne Chromatin Remodeling Assay 15-1014, 16-4111, 16-4114
2022/12 Carpenter Cell-type specific profiling of histone post-translational modifications in the adult mouse striatum Nature Communications CUT&RUN ANTIBODIES CUT&RUN 13-0042,13-0041, 15-1116
2022/11 Zhang DNMT and EZH2 inhibitors synergize to activate therapeutic targets in hepatocellular carcinoma Cancer Letters ANTIBODIES IMMUNOBLOT 13-0001
2022/11 Liu Histone H3 proline 16 hydroxylation regulates mammalian gene expression Nature Genetics CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1116, 13-0041
2022/11 Theofilatos Protocol to isolate mature thymic T cell subsets using fluorescence-activated cell sorting for assessing gene expression by RNA-seq and transcription factor binding across the genome by CUT&RUN STAR Protocols CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048, 13-0042
2022/11 Zhu Acute depletion of human core nucleoporin reveals direct roles in transcription control but dispensability for 3D genome organization Cell Reports CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 21-1401, 15-1016
2022/11 Chow Epigenomic landscape study reveals molecular subtypes and EBV-associated regulatory epigenome reprogramming in nasopharyngeal carcinoma eBioMedicine CUT&RUN CUT&RUN CUT&RUN RT-qPCR 14-1048
Dartmouth CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2022/11 Garcia-Martinez Endocrine resistance and breast cancer plasticity are controlled by CoREST Nature Structural & Molecular Biology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2022/11 Hu Transcription factor antagonism regulates heterogeneity in embryonic stem cell states Molecular Cell CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 13-0041, 13-0042, 14-1048
2022/11 Spakman PICH acts as a force-dependent nucleosome remodeler Nature Communications Human histone octamers Nucleosome assembly 16-001
2022/11 Luo Human fetal cerebellar cell atlas informs medulloblastoma origin and oncogenesis Nature CUT&RUN ANTIBODIES CUT&RUN 15-1016, 13-0041
2022/11 Ugur Chromatin Sensing by the Auxiliary Domains of KDM5C Regulates Its Demethylase Activity and Is Disrupted by X-linked Intellectual Disability Mutations Journal of Molecular Biology Nucleosomes Binding Assay, Enzymatic Assay EMSA 16-0006, 16-2104, 16-0316, 16-2316, 18-005
2022/10 Xu Subtype-specific 3D genome alteration in acute myeloid leukaemia Nature CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 15-1117
2022/10 Asberry Reprogramming landscape highlighted by dynamic transcriptomes in therapy-induced neuroendocrine differentiation Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016, 21-1401, 14-1001
2022/10 Fernandes A satellite DNA array barcodes chromosome 7
and regulates totipotency via ZFP819
Science Advances CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/10 Fouque Top-“Double-Down” Mass Spectrometry of Histone H4 Proteoforms: Tandem Ultraviolet-Photon and Mobility/Mass-Selected Electron Capture Dissociations Analytical Chemistry RECOMBINANT PROTEINS MASS SPECTROMETRY 15-0304
2022/10 Hendy Developmental and housekeeping transcriptional programs in Drosophila require distinct chromatin remodelers Molecular Cell CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016, 21-1401
2022/10 Dhawan Hypercholesterolemia promotes autoantibody production
and a lupus-like pathology via decreased DNase-mediated
clearance of DNA
Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine NUCLEOSOMES ELISA 16-0003
2022/10 Raus Early-life exercise engages neural epigenetic mechanisms to enable hippocampal memory. UC Irvine Dissertation CUT&RUN ANTIBODIES CUT&RUN 15-1016, 13-0047
2022/10 Meers Multifactorial profiling of epigenetic landscapes at single-cell resolution using MulTI-Tag Nature Biotechnology ANTIBODIES CUT&TAG 13-0041
2022/10 Li Critical role of lncEPAT in coupling dysregulated EGFR pathway and histone H2A deubiquitination during glioblastoma tumorigenesis Science Advances NUCLEOSOMES DEUBIQUITNASE ASSAY 16-0395
2022/09 Divakaren Development of an N-Terminal BRD4 Bromodomain-Targeted Degrader ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters Peptides AlphaScreen Assay 12-0034
2022/09 Wilson Multimodal single cell sequencing implicates chromatin accessibility and genetic background in diabetic kidney disease progressiona Nature Communications CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2022/09 Leung NETosis and thrombosis in vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia Nature Communications ELISA ELISA Liquid biopsy R&D143002
2022/09 Leng Quantitative Assessment of Histone H2B Monoubiquitination in Yeast Using Immunoblotting Methods and Proocols ANTIBODIES iMMUNOBLOT 13-001
2022/09 Langille Loss of Epigenetic Regulation Disrupts Lineage Integrity, Induces Aberrant Alveogenesis, and Promotes Breast Cancer Cancer Discovery ANTIBODIES ChIP-seq 13-0040
2022/09 Bozukova Aging is associated with increased chromatin accessibility and reduced polymerase pausing in liver Molecular Systems Biology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/09 Aijo TET proteins regulate T cell and iNKT cell lineage specification in a TET2 catalytic dependent manner Frontiers in Immunology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048, 13-0042
2022/08 Ford Tumor microenvironmental signals reshape chromatin landscapes to limit the functional potential of exhausted T cells Science Immunology CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 13-0047, 15-1017
2022/08 Amatullah Epigenetic reader SP140 loss of function drives Crohn’s disease due to uncontrolled macrophage topoisomerases CellPress CUT&TAG ANTIBODIES CUT&TAG 15-1017, 15-1018, 21-1401
2022/08 Panday A modified CUT&RUN-seq technique for qPCR analysis of chromatin-protein interactions STAR Protocols CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/08 Wnag Systematic comparison of CRISPR-based transcriptional activators uncovers gene-regulatory features of enhancer–promoter interactions Nucleic Acids Research CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2022/08 Yano Histone H3K36me2 and H3K36me3 form a chromatin platform essential for DNMT3A-dependent DNA methylation in mouse oocytes Nature Communications ChIP-seq ChIP-seq 19-1001
2022/08 Alonso PDGFRβ promotes oncogenic progression via STAT3/STAT5 hyperactivation in anaplastic large cell lymphoma Molecular Cancer CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/08 Bruhn Cancer cell histone density links global histone acetylation, mitochondrial proteome and histone acetylase inhibitor sensitivity Communications Biology ANTIBODIES immunoblot 13-0001
2022/08 Reese GRHL2 Enhances Phosphorylated Estrogen Receptor (ER) Chromatin Binding and Regulates ER-Mediated Transcriptional Activation and Repression Molecular and Cellular Biology CUT&RUN Antibodies CUT&RUN 14-1048, 18-1401, 13-2012, 13-0042
2022/08 Garces de los Fayos Alonso PDGFRβ promotes oncogenic progression via STAT3/STAT5 hyperactivation in anaplastic large cell lymphoma Molecular Biology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/07 Hwa DBC1 is a key positive regulator of enhancer epigenomic writers KMT2D and p300 Nucleic Acids Research Peptides ANTIBODY VALIDATION 12-0042
2022/07 Cartwright Dissecting the roles of Haspin and VRK1 in histone H3 phosphorylation during mitosis Scientific Reports NUCLEOSOMES ENZYMATIC ASSAY 16-0006
2022/07 Fuglerud SOX9 reprograms endothelial cells by altering the chromatin landscape Nucleic Acids Research CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/07 Zhou FACT subunit SUPT16H associates with BRD4 and contributes to silencing of interferon signaling Nucleic Acids Research RECOMBINANT PROTEINS BINDING ASSAY 15-0013
2022/06 Payne Tiny Titans: Nanobodies as Powerful Tools for TR-FRET Assay Development Analysis & Sensing RECOMBINANT PROTEINS BINDING ASSAY TR-FRET 15-0013
2022/06 Kaira Alternative Mechanisms for DNA Engagement by BET Bromodomain-Containing Proteins Biochemistry Peptides Alphascreen Assay Binding Assay 12-0034
2022/06 St. Pierre SMARCE1 deficiency generates a targetable mSWI/SNF dependency in clear cell meningioma Nature Genetics EpiDyne CUT&tag Chromatin remodeling assay CUT&TAG 15-1017, 16-4201
2022/06 Liu Ablation of cDC2 development by triple mutations within the Zeb2 enhancer Nature CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2022/06 Li Nuclear RIPK1 promotes chromatin remodeling to mediate inflammatory response Cell research CUT&TAG EpiDyne Nucleosomes Peptides CUT&TAG EpiDyne-FRET Peptide Pull Down 12-0007, 12-0008, 12-0009, 16-4201, 15-1017
2022/06 Zijmans Integrated multi-omics reveal polycomb repressive complex 2 restricts human trophoblast induction Nature Cell Biology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016, 21-1401
2022/06 Huang A TET1-PSPC1-Neat1 molecular axis modulates PRC2 functions in controlling stem cell bivalency Cell Reports ANTIBODIES ChIP-seq 13-0041
2022/05 Droscoc NSD1 mediates antagonism between SWI/SNF and polycomb complexes and is required for transcriptional activation upon EZH2 inhibition Molecular Cell CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2022/05 Gu The disordered N-terminal domain of DNMT3A recognizes H2AK119ub and is required for postnatal development Nature Genetics NUCLEOSOMES BINDING ASSAY 16-0395, 16-0317, 16-0006
2022/05 Sanchez-Priego Mapping cis-regulatory elements in human neurons links psychiatric disease heritability and activity-regulated transcriptional programs Cell Reports CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1116
2022/05 Lee BAP1 promotes the repair of UV-induced DNA damage via PARP1-mediated recruitment to damage sites and control of activity and stability Cell Death & Differentiation NUCLEOSOMES Deubiquitinase assay Enzymatic assay 16-0395
2022/05 Otero-Garcia Molecular signatures underlying neurofibrillary tangle susceptibility in Alzheimer’s disease Neuron ANTIBODIES Immunoblot 13-0001
2022/04 Tencer The ZZ domain of HERC2 is a receptor of arginylated substrates Scientific Reports ANTIBODIES Immunoblot 13-0022
2022/04 Umemoto ATP citrate lyase controls hematopoietic stem cell fate and supports bone marrow regeneration The EMBO Journal CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 15-1017
2022/04 Abu-Zhayia CDYL1-dependent decrease in lysine crotonylation at DNA double-strand break sites functionally uncouples transcriptional silencing and repair Molecular Cell Peptides Immunoblot Antibody Validation 12-0099, 12-0228, 12-0003
2022/04 Leung SETD2 Haploinsufficiency Enhances Germinal Center–Associated AICDA Somatic Hypermutation to Drive B-cell Lymphomagenesis Cancer Discov CUT&RUN Antibodies CUT&RUN 13-0031
2022/04 Wang Developmental maturation of the hematopoietic system controlled by a Lin28b-let-7-Cbx2 axis Cell Reports CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048
2022/04 Franklin Regulation of chromatin accessibility by the histone chaperone CAF-1 sustains lineage fidelity Nature Communications CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1116, 21-1401, 14-0050
2022/04 Qasim Genome-wide Profiling of Transcription Factor-DNA Binding Interactions in Candida albicans: A Comprehensive CUT&RUN Method and Data Analysis Workflow JoVE CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 14-1048, 18-1401, 10-0008, 15-1016, 15-1116, 13-0042
2022/04 Huang Oncohistone Mutations Occur at Functional Sites of Regulatory ADP-Ribosylation Cancer Res NUCLEOSOMES Enzymatic Assay 16-0009
2022/04 Zhang

Reorganization of postmitotic neuronal chromatin accessibility for maturation of serotonergic identity

eLife CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-1016
2022/03 Janssens

CUT&Tag2for1: a modified method for simultaneous profiling of the accessible and silenced regulome in single cells

Genome Biology CUT&TAH CUT&TAG 15-1117
2022/03 Zhang

Characterizing cellular heterogeneity in chromatin state with scCUT&Tag-pro

Nature Biotechnology CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 15-1117
2022/03 Sati

HiCuT: An efficient and low input method to identify protein-directed chromatin interactions

PL0S Genetics CUT&TAG CUT&TAG 13-0047, 13-0048, 15-1017, 15-1018
2022/02 Wang

EZH2 noncanonically binds cMyc and p300 through a cryptic transactivation domain to mediate gene activation and promote oncogenesis

Nature Cell Biology CUT&RUN CUT&RUN 15-116
2022/02 Shull

PRDM paralogs antagonistically balance Wnt/β-catenin activity during craniofacial chondrocyte differentiation

Development  CUT&RUN CUT&RUN RT-qPCR 15-1016, 21-1401


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