IBA GmbH is dedicated to providing high quality product and service solutions for life science research in industry and academia. The comprehensive portfolio ranges from nucleic acid custom services to products and services for cloning, transfection, recombinant protein production and cell isolation. The combination of products and services allows IBA’s clients to choose either the proprietary products or, alternatively, the custom services, which are based on the same technologies, to get their research promoted.

IBA’s nucleic acid unit provides individual and flexible custom services of nucleic acid specialties, including dsRNA as well as modified and fluorescently labeled oligos. The Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® system is ideally suited for purification of highly pure and bioactive protein. It is one of the most widely used affinity chromatography systems in protein purification, detection and immobilization, and offers many advantages. For cloning and transfection IBA offers the “StarGate” cloning system and MATra, an efficient magnet assisted transfection technology using MagTag®.

MHC I Streptamers are available for isolation and staining of functional T cells. The complete detachability of the reagents leaves the cells indistinguishable from untreated cells. New Fab Streptamers allow the selection of eukaryotic cells which are characterized by specific surface markers. The complete reversibility of the reagents yields uncompromised, authentic cells for research, diagnostics and clinical use.


Product Ranges

IBA ProteinTAGnologies: Protein Expression and Purification

IBA Protein TAGnologies: Purification via tags/products

Strep-tag®, 6xHistidine-tag or double-tag products for purification, detection and assays of recombinant proteins.

The Strep-tag/Strep-Tactin system is one of the most widely used affinity chromatography systems in protein purification and detection and offers many advantages:

  • Highly pure proteins due to specific binding
  • Undisturbed short tag
  • Rapid Twin-Strep® purification under physiological conditions
  • Unsurpassed purity and bioactivity

For the use of this system IBA offers a large range of high quality products, such as various Starter Kits for newcomers.

  • Different Strep-Tactin® purification resins and pre-packed columns
  • Detection Systems with Strep-Tactin® conjugates or a monoclonal antibody

Twin-Strep-tag® for Protein Complex Purification and Protein:Protein Interaction Analysis

Based on its proprietary Strep-tag® technology IBA developed the Twin-Strep-tag® (tandem Strep-tag®) for a mild and rapid purification of intact protein complexes on immobilized Strep-Tactin®.
The Twin-Strep-tag® combines high specificity and mild conditions with higher affinity thereby enabling efficient purification directly from culture supernatants. Furthermore, it tolerates elevated detergent concentrations to reduce background.


  • Protein purification: Strep-tag®/Strep-Tactin® - Histidine-tag - Resins
  • Protein detection: Antibodies - Conjugates
  • Protein:protein interaction: Twin-Strep-tag®
  • Immobillisation/assay/diagnostic: Microplates - Beads - Columns

IBA Gene TAGnologies

Magnetic Assisted Transfection (MATra)

Magnet Assisted Transfection is an easy-to-handle and highly efficient method to transfect cells in culture.  Using this technique nucleic acids, such as plasmid DNA, oligonucleotides or siRNA, are in a first step associated with magnetic particles. Exploiting magnetic force the full nucleic acid dose is then rapidly drawn towards and delivered into the target cells leading to efficient transfection.  

Cloning/gene expression

Classic cloning and expression vectors

  • E.coli: IBA offers the Tet and T7 expression systems producing recombinant proteins in E. coli. Therefore, a variety of pASK-IBA vectors with unique characteristics is available supporting you in the purification of your protein of interest. The choice of system and vector depends on your protein and its characteristics.
  • Mammalian: For expression in mammalian cells IBA has released the pEXPR-IBA vectors with CMV promotor providing strong expression in a wide range of mammalian cells.
  • StarGate: Combinatorial cloning and expression. Transfer any gene of interest systematically into E. coli, yeast, mammalian (etc.) background with high speed and convenience to screen for the optimal host/tag combination.

Nucleic acid specialties

IBA's nucleic acid division specialises in RNA oligonucleotide synthesis (including RNAi), labelled oligonucleotides (e.g. for real-time PCR) and triphosphates. - Single stranded RNA-oligonucleotides, phosphorothioate (PTO-) protected - Tools for enzymatic DNA and RNA modifications.


  • Oligonucleotides: Synthetic DNA/RNA
  • Cloning, PCR: StarGate
  • Transfection: MATra

IBA Cell TAGnologies

Streptamer® - fluorescent cell staining and magnetic cell isolation


  • Fab Streptamer® : for Fluorescent cell staining (FACS) and Magnetic cell isolation of B cells, T cells, regulatory - memory - naive T cells, natural killer cells, stem cells, etc.
  • MHC I Streptamer®: for Fluorescent cell staining (FACS) and Magnetic cell isolation of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells
  • Custom Streptamer®: Custom made MHC I Streptamer® reagents with specific allele and antigen.


      StarGate® for fast protein expression cloning    
The Strep-tag® - Strep-Tactin® system developed by IBA GmbH is one of the most widely used affinity chromatography systems in protein purification, detection and immobilisation and offers many advantages.       StarGate® offers rapid and highly efficient subcloning of an arbitrary gene - initially cloned into a Donor Vector - to simultaneously fuse it with many different genetic surroundings via transfer into Acceptor Vectors to generate Destination Vectors.    

Fluorescent cell staining/FACS and magnetic cell isolation with completely detachable reagents using the unique Streptamer® technology.  Fluorescent Streptamers are available for staining and magnetic Streptamers for isolation of lymphocytes (Fab Streptamer®) or antigen-specific CD8+ T cells (MHC I Streptamer®).       Recent efforts combining nanotechnology and magnetic properties resulted in the development and commercialisation of magnetic nanoparticles that can be used as carriers for nucleic acids for in vitro transfection and for gene therapy approaches including DNA-based vaccination strategies.     

Based on its proprietary Strep-tag® technology IBA developed the Twin-Strep-tag® (tandem Strep-tag®) formerly known as One-STrEP-tag  for a mild and rapid purification of intact protein complexes on immobilized Strep-Tactin®.       Protein expression is a complex topic with many variables. Therefore, it is e.g. hard to predict whether a recombinant protein is expressed soluble or forms inclusion bodies or is partially degraded.    

Further Reading...

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The Strep-tag® purification system is based on the highly selective binding of engineered streptavidin, called Strep-Tactin®, to Strep-tag® II fusion proteins.              

    pASG-IBA vectors work with the tightly regulated tetracycline (tet) promoter. Expression of the foreign gene is stringently repressed until induction with a low concentration of the chemical anhydrotetracycline.           Mammalian expression vectors are designed for high-level expression and purification of recombinant (Twin)-Strep-tag fusion proteins. All vectors are equipped with the human cytomegalovirus (CMV) immediate early promoter.         Since IBA is using a universal cloning strategy for all vectors the switch between different vector backbones and even hosts is easy and straightforward.