Founded in 2007 in Beijing P.R.C by MIT Professor Dr Daniel I. C. Wang, Sino Biological focus on the manufacture of proteins, antibodies, transfection reagents and enzymes and their goal is to produce in bulk proteins for every known human gene with a potential research application.

Sino have extensive expertise in many fields and their customers include global pharmaceutical and Biotech companies and academic institutions worldwide.

Product Categories

Recombinant Proteins

  • Human Protein
  • Mouse Protein
  • ▷ Rat Protein
  • ▷ Cynomolgus Protein
  • ▷ Canine Protein
  • ▷ Influenza Protein
  • ▷ Virus Protein
  • ▷ Other Protein


  • ▷ Primary Antibody
  • Mouse Mab
  • Rabbit Mab
  •  Rabbit Pab
  • ▷ Secondary Antibody
  • ▷ Tag Antibody
  • ▷ Control Antibodies
  • Loading Control Antibodies
  •  Isotype Control Antibodies
  • ▷ WB
  • IF
  • IHC
  • IHC-P
  • IHC-Fr
  • ICC-IF
  • IP
  • FCM


  • ▷ Human cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Mouse cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Rat cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Cynomolgus cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Canine cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Ferret cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Rabbit cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Influenza cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Virus cDNA Clones
  • ▷ Other cDNA Clones
  • ▷  Control Vector


  • ▷ Human ELISA Pair Sets
  • ▷ Mouse ELISA Pair Sets
  • ▷ Cynomolgus ELISA Pair Sets
  • ▷ Rat ELISA Pair Sets
  • ▷ Influenza ELISA Pair Sets
  • ▷ HIV ELISA Pair Sets
  • ▷ RSV ELISA Pair Sets
  • ▷ Antibody Isotype Kits


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Reliable, Speedy, High Quality, Cost-effective One-Stop Biology Services

Affordable Premium Quality Reagents

They intend to produce bulk quantity of human proteins for every known human gene as long as it has potential research application, and develop high affinity antibodies for all proteins They produce. Our premium quality reagents are provided at significant cost-saving to our customers worldwide.


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