Sino Biological

Sino Biological Inc was founded in January 2007 in Beijing, P.R. China by biotech pioneer and worldwide expert, MIT institute professor, Dr. Daniel I.C. Wang and his former student, Dr. Liangzhi Xie.

Sino Biological Inc is quickly becoming the leading global biological solution specialist, offering a comprehensive set of value-added and cost-effective premium quality solutions (services and reagents) to accelerate life science research and biological product development worldwide. Its customers include top-10 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, small biotech companies, and academic institutions worldwide.

Business Focus

  • One-Stop Biology Services for protein and antibody discovery, research, development, production, and commercialization
  • Affordable Premium Quality Reagents: Proteins, Antibodies, Kits, Transfection Reagents, Enzymes, Resins, and other Research Tools

Track Records

  • >400 recombinant monoclonal antibody production projects (10mg to 30 gram) for our customers worldwide in the past two years, More than 100 of these are intended for pre-clinical in vivo studies
  • >600 recombinant proteins produced at bulk quantities in two years
  • Produced H1N1 hemagglutinin protein from the 2009 swine influenza within 30-days of public release of the virus gene sequence
  • First in developing high affinity and highly specific monoclonal antibodies to the 2009 H1N1 virus (no cross-reactivity to seasonal flu H1N1 viruses). Our ELISA kit can detect pg/All H1N1 HA protein.

Capabilities and Capacities

  • Extensive expertise including molecular biology, protein and antibody production, rabbit and mouse monoclonal antibody generation, biological QC testing, biological formulation development and stability testing, and diagnostic assay development.
  • >50 stirred tank bioreactors for cell culture and fermentation and purification systems.
  • >30,000 L cell culture per year.
  • >1000 recombinant monoclonal antibody production by transient transfection per year.
  • >500 recombinant protein bulk production per year.
  • >1000 rabbit and mouse monoclonal antibody development programs per year.
  • No lead time for customer projects.

Advanced Technology Platforms

  • HEK293 Transient Transfection Platform for Recombinant Protein & Antibody Production
  • CHO Transient Transfection Platform for Recombinant Protein & Antibody Production
  • CHO Stable Cell Line Platform for Recombinant Protein & Antibody Production
  • Bacterial (E. Coli.) Platform for Recombinant Protein Expression & Production
  • Baculovirus Insect Cell Platform for Recombinant Protein Expression & Production
  • Protein and Antibody Purification Platform
  • Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development Platform
  • Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Development Platform

Reliable, Speedy, High Quality, Cost-effective One-Stop Biology Services

  • Demonstrated to be the most reliable partner with close to 100% success rate.
  • Unmatched speed of protein and antibody production is in the industry.
  • Our quality of services have won praises from top pharmaceutical and biotech customers
  • 40-80% of cost saving for services.

Affordable Premium Quality Reagents

They intend to produce bulk quantity of human proteins for every known human gene as long as it has potential research application, and develop high affinity antibodies for all proteins They produce. Our premium quality reagents are provided at significant cost-saving to our customers worldwide.
  • High purity recombinant proteins, majority produced in mammalian cells
  • High affinity antibodies: both rabbit and mouse monoclonal antibodies
  • Majority antibodies developed with protein-based antigen
  • Highly sensitive and specific ELISA kits



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