Cusabio Biotech Co Ltd are a top quality manufacturer of Elisa kits and immunological reagents.

They provide products and services to academic and government research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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  • ELISA Kit
  • Elisa Kit For Food Safety & Drug Residues
  • Hot Product
  • Food Safety Small Molecule Antigen

Small Molecule

  • Standards
  • Food Safety Small Molecule Antigen
  • Other Small Molecule Antigen
  • Peptide


  • Polyclonal Antibodies
  • Secondary Antibodies
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Tag/Control Antibodies
  • Small Molecules Antibodies
  • ChIP Antibodies
  • Antibody Pairs

Molecular Biology Product

  • RT-PCR Primers
  • Clone
  • Tools Enzyme
  • Other Small Molecule Antigen
  • Peptide


  • Native Protein
  • Recombinant Protein
  • Active Protein
    Colony Stimulating Factor
    Growth Factor
    Tumor Necrosis Factor
    Latest active proteins
  • Transmembrane Protein

Raw Material For IVD Kit

  •  CUSAg

CUSABIO BIOTECH CO., Ltd. is a biotech company that manufactures and sells the highest quality research, reagents and instruments. In collaboration with top level business partners in the fields of molecular biology, immunology, cell biology and IVD.

They provide products and services to a broad range of customers worldwide–from academic and government research institutions; biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies; as well as hospitals, reference laboratories. In the past development, CUSABIO BIOTECH CO., Ltd. has formed an extensive Sales and Marketing management network system serving the Life Science researchers and Healthcare professionals.

The main products of CUSABIO BIOTECH CO., Ltd. are ELISA kits & relative products and other immunological reagents, such as antibodies. Their main clients are professor, researcher, and experts from University, Hospital, and Research Institution. Their sales strategy is active sales, internet and by phone.

For expanding China market and reducing production costs, in August, 2008 CUSABIO BIOTECH CO., Ltd. purchased WUHAN HUAMEI BIOTECH CO., Ltd., which became a wholly owned subsidiary. WUHAN HUAMEI BIOTECH CO., Ltd. is located in Wuhan, P.R. China and consists of a products and sales force which provides products for development of biotechnology in China. CUSABIO BIOTECH CO., Ltd. will become an R & D Center of Life Science.

Their modern logistics system insures that goods will be delivered in a timely manner due to today’s electronic commerce and e-supply. Consequently, this will promote a constant upgrading of customer satisfaction in the booming global market.




1. Storage: Please store unopened kit at 2-8 ℃ and use the kit before expiration date. For opened kit, which is vulnerable to germ contamination, it’s better to use it as soon as possible. NEVER store the ELISA plate at -20 ℃ and the substrate solution should be kept in dark both during storage and usage.

2. Reagents preparation: Please finish preparing reagent 10 minutes before using. Centrifugation is required for all reagent components when using for the first time so as to concentrate them to the bottom of the tube. Please use precise measuring tools (pipette, graduated cylinder etc.) for reagent preparation, because the actual quantity provided for each reagent (eg: Wash Buffer,Sample Diluent) is more than what the label says. NEVER take the labeled quantity for granted and add solution directly into the vials for reagent preparation. All experimental apparatus should be clean and you’d better refer to the insert for details of reagent preparation.

3. ELISA plate: It’s OK that the aluminum foil bags is leaking since it won’t affect the quality of the plate. The strips are movable and it’s recommended to separate those wells needed for assay and store the rest at 2-8 ℃ in dark without germ contamination. NEVER expose the whole plate when only some of them are needed.

4. Samples or reagents adding : It is recommended that the whole time for sample adding should be controlled in 5 minutes and added volume for each well should be the same to keep reaction consistency.

5. Incubation: To avoid sample evaporation and contamination, proper adhesion of plate sealers during incubation steps is necessary. Be careful and do not spill the liquid when moving the plate. Since temperature stability is very important, please carefully monitor incubating temperature and keep it at 37℃. but avoid opening the door of incubator too many times during incubation.

6. Washing: Please ensure the same wash buffer volume per well and you’d better use multi-channel pipette. If you use the ELISA Washer, please make sure it’s clean enough without contamination. No rinse but gently wash. Throw plates vertically and wash it thoroughly to reduce the edge effect. For detailed procedure, please refer to the manual insert.

7. Reading: Please read the plate in 5 minutes after adding the stop solution to avoid generation of brown precipitate that may affect the result. Make sure that the microplate reader is set correctly and the filter is precisely calibrated.

8. Do not make mix use of reagents within different lot#. Also, cross-use of caps matched to different reagents is also forbidden. NEVER replace components of our kit with other’s.

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