Apex Bio is dedicated to serving the needs of the research community by manufacturing Bio analytical reagents of the highest quality.

Their portfolio covers research areas which include Apoptosis, Epigenetics and Cancer Biology, their speciality is drug screening libraries and inhibitors.

They can supply customised bioactive screening libraries which allow the scientist to select compounds, sizes, format and plate map.

Publications citing Apex Bio products include Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Scientist and Cell.

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* 1500+ products cover 23 signaling pathways from
different research areas.

* Extensive data describe biological activity,
selectivity, and potency etc.

* Published articles and experiment figures from
peer-reviewed journals citing APExBIO products.

* Detailed signaling pathway maps highlight the
latest research progresses.

* Potency comparison table for choosing the right
products based on their targets and IC50/Ki values.

Please contact us if you require a high-resolution copy.

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Screening Libraries

Product Name Catalog Number Contents   UK stock – Next Day Delivery

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FDA-approved Drug Library L1021-APE 1496 drugs
Bioactive Compound Library L1022-APE 3317 compounds
Anti-cancer Compound Library L1023-APE 1164 compounds
Kinase Inhibitor Library L1024-APE 493 inhibitors
GPCR Compound Library L1025-APE 528 molecules
Neuronal Signaling Library L1026-APE 556 molecules


Anti-infection Compound Library L1027-APE 367 molecules
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Library L1028-APE 270 inhibitors
Epigenetics Compound Library L1029-APE 281 molecules
Ion Channel Compound Library L1030-APE 199 compounds
Autophagy Compound Library L1031-APE 486 compounds
Metabolism-related Library L1032-APE 493 compounds Lower
DNA Damage/DNA Repair Library L1033-APE 146 compounds
PI3K/Akt/mTOR Compound Library L1034-APE 145 inhibitors
Protease Inhibitor Library L1035-APE 130 inhibitors
Apoptosis Compound Library L1036-APE 166 compounds
Cell Cycle Library L1037-APE 132 compounds
Histone Modification Library L1038-APE 143 compounds CoA, HPLC,
Mass Spec & NMR
Natural Product Library L1039-APE 550 natural products
Stem Cell Compound Library L1040-APE 169 compounds
JAK/STAT Compound Library L1041-APE 98 inhibitors
Immunology/Inflammation Library  L1042-APE 295 compounds
MAPK Inhibitor Library L1043-APE 92 inhibitors
NF-κB Signaling Library L1044-APE 73 inhibitors 100% Product Guarantee
TGF-beta/Smad Compound Library L1045-APE 60 inhibitors
Anti-diabetic Compound Library L1046-APE 29 compounds
Angiogenesis Library L1047-APE 18 compounds
Inhibitor Library L1048-APE 1983 inhibitors


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UM 171


Caspase-3/7 Inhibitor I










Ezatiostat hydrochloride




Q-VD-OPh hydrate


ApexBio is dedicated to serving the needs of the biology community by providing quality peptides and bioanalytic reagents. They carry a broad product line in research areas such as Apoptosis, Epigenetics,Cancer Biology and such.

ApexBio also provides premier custom services including peptide synthesis, antibody production and assay development.  For further information contact info@stratech.co.uk.

Screening Libraries

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Apexbio FAQs

If your questions are not listed below, please contact technical support: technical@stratech.co.uk  1. How should I dissolve the product for Read More…